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I don't really have anything to say at the moment, but it probably doesn't matter since I get the feeling not many people are reading lately. The whole blogosphere seems to be sitting on the back porch with their feet up on the chaise longue, sweating in the sunshine; a tall cool glass of something or other by their side.

The internets are wearing floppy straw hats and big black sunglasses! They're reading beach books and wearing SPF 20. The blogosphere is tanner than I am. I've been reliably informed by my children that I am "vampire white." My purpose in life, at least in the summer, is to make YOU feel tan. Is it working? Here, let me hold my arm up next to yours. There, you see? Man, you're tan!

Today I reupholstered a chair, and I cleaned out the disgusting laundry room, although it's not done yet because there are piles of tools and things to go to the garage but the garage is packed full of junk that is going to the dump and to the flea market pick-up (which is in a couple of weeks, I hope!!). I went for a walk and to the grocery store and the recycling center. Throwing glass into the containers is very satisfying: CRASH! CRASH! SHATTER! I also edited many dozens of pages of journal entries, and I...yes, I did...I checked my work email. Mostly just to delete stuff, but I have to log on and actually do something about some of them tomorrow, since they involve advertisements and deadlines.

Last evening, while out watering, I saw a green grasshopper as long as the palm of my hand. He was singing until I turned, then he held very still and let me inspect him without hopping away. I love that it is sunny and warm during the day and cool and crisp at night. You have no idea how happy that makes me. Did you know how easy it was to make me happy?

I've promised to take the kids to Folkets Park in Malmö tomorrow afternoon. The weather holds fair to continue gorgeous and summery, so I have no excuse. Where are my floppy straw hat and big black sunglasses??
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music: Anne Heaton—Your Heart


I'm reading and working and I'm probably as white as you! Oh, and just for future reference... they NEVER stop telling you how ghostly white you are.

Well, I'll never stop being ghostly white so I guess if the shoe fits... :D

As a natural redhead in my former life (pre-grey), I stopped doing sun when i was about 16, which is probably one of the reasons why people make lovely stunned comments now when I mention I am 57.

You were smart. I burned/peeled until well after college, but I DID learn my lesson, hopefully in time.


Well, I am reading here.....just too zoned out by the summertime to comment. Although that excuse might not hold water this week since the clouds are dripping - would be better if they tried a little harder, since we desperately need more. Love, Lizardmom

We've finally got the sunshine (and Anders is NOT happy about it, since his five weeks of vacation were spent in the freezing cold & rain), so maybe you'll get some rain now!


I'm reading! I'm tan! I love you! (in the nice way, Anders, shut up).

Ahh, I definitely think the blogosphere is enjoying something nice and cool on the porch. I'll take an ice tea if you're taking orders. ;-)

How about some pretty pretty pink lemonade? :D

Oh that sounds divine, pass the bon bons while you're at it. ;-)

Okay, now I have to go out and buy a floppy straw hat and big black sunglasses!

That I would like to see! :D


This summer, for me, has seemed so chaotic and full and bustling... I haven't had the time I've wanted to keep up with the blogging world! So much else is crowding in (though, I can't deny, I'm happy that it's doing so).

I feel the same way as you--is no one reading? Makes me feel a little blue, but I think I write for my own memory. Though I must say--I love getting comments. :)


Oy, that was me, by the way.

- Molly

Why thank you! I've been working on my tan all summer :) Summer is slipping towards fall here... I can feel a turning in the air, a subtle change in the light. It happens so fast.

Not here, not yet. High summer just kicked in this week, and I suspect we'll have it for a few weeks more, though the trees are loaded with berries and the grasses are waist-high and golden instead of green.

It's cool and overcast here today, after sun sun sun in Puget Sound where I just returned from.
It was all about hats and SFP 25 for me up there, and still I'm told last night by a drop in friend that I'm a lovely shade of bronze.

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