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Happy birthday to me! haha! Woken up just after 7 a.m. to singing and hugs and presents. Spent the day with family and friends at the zoo, we watched the seals get fed and admired all the little animal babies. The zoo was crawling with baby animals: wolf cubs, lynx kittens, wildcat kittens, fox cubs, otter pups, kids (goats), lambs, wild piglets.

We got home around 3:30 and power-napped for an hour, then made dinner and went to the grocery store and afterwards I frosted the spice cake I'd made yesterday with home-made buttercream almond frosting: YUM!

The boys are outside extending the porch with the tent to seat 25 people for a big crayfish party tomorrow, so keep your fingers crossed that the weather cooperates...unfortunately it's rain on the forecast again. Bah.

Thanks to all who called and emailed and posted birthday greetings! It isn't every day a girl turns 29! :)

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mmm..frosting. Glad you had a good 29th!

Happy Birthday, Liz!

Happy Birthday, Liz, you don't look a day over 28.

hurra, hurra, hurra!

Happy, happy birthday! I hope you have a fantastic party tomorrow!

Happy birthday! I hope you have good weather tomorrow!


So many happy returns.

(sorry I forgot)


Tilykke Med Fødelsesdagen!

Delurking to wish you a happy birthday! Sorry I only know danish, but it all means the same, right? :)


Just logged on specifically to head over hear and wish you a happy birthday. Sounds like you had a wonderful day. That cake sounds beyond delicious and, how can you get any better than baby animals? Have a fun crayfish party tomorrow. I'll cross my fingers for sunshine for you (and myself as well, as we've invited all the neighbors over for a let's-get-to-know-eachother barbecue).

Happy 29th Liz!


Your birthday!? Happy birthday to you!! :) 29 is a great age, isn't it. ;) I haven't aged a bit since, I am 29 forever.

Aaaw kittens! What a great way to spend a birthday.


Well Happy Birthday Liz! You can celebrate for MORE than a day. I say so! How about it being your birthday ALL weekend?


a dollar late and a day short--- I thought it was tomorrow and JUST before I came in here I had planned my eensy surprise for you that will now be the wrong damn day-- grrrr-- oh well, you're getting it anyway. Bonne Anniversaire mon amie!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy Birthday to my biggest BABY! It has been a wonderful "29" years having you...first in my tummy, then in my arms, then under my feet, then ahead of me, and now beside me.......well,that would be true IF you weren't soooo far away! Love, Lizardmom

Happiest of Happy Birthdays!

29 lizard years, what is that to us humans. ;-)

I love that quote, I'll have to try to live by that more . . .

Your birthday sounds delightful and I hope you enjoy your birthday week (I'm pushing for a week long recognition of birthdays now, "a birthweek" if you will).

happy belated!
glad yesterday was wonderful. sounds like the perfect way to celebrate 29 years! :)

Happy Belated "29th" Birthday!!!!!
I love spice cake, not many people people make it any more.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LIZ!!!! You are so wonderful. I absolutely heart you.

not a day over...

Happy birthday, Lizardek!


Oh, DARN! So sorry I'm late to the party...hope it was WONDERFUL!...for there can only be one dear, sweet Liz...and if I know only ONE person in Sweden, I'm so glad it's YOU! xoxo

Many happy returns! (I have no idea what that actually means.)

Happy Birthday- the pics from your party looked like fun!

Darn it! I'm so mad I missed it. *writes down on calendar* Happiest of birthdays, Liz you fabulous woman, you. I hope this year is stupendous! The internet is lucky to have you, dearie.

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