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Just booked tickets home to the States for my sister's wedding at the end of September! Woot! Twice over the pond in the SAME YEAR!

Also, called to get a doctor's appointment for my stupid blurry eyes. I suspect e11en's diagnosis of iritis is correct, though we'll see what the doctor has to say. I wonder if they'll even have HEARD of that here in Sweden.

First day of work was crazy busy and did not go exactly swimmingly, but I have a new title anyway.

I'm no longer a Marketing Coordinator.

I am now the (or maybe I should say The) Corporate Graphical Designer.

Alas, I am pretty sure there isn't a pay raise attached to that fancy moniker.

Oh! And I don't know if I said this before but Anders got a new job! I couldn't say anything before because he hadn't signed the contract yet, but he'll be starting as a Global Technical Instructor for Tetra Pak's Education Center on October 1st. Yay!

I'm going for a walk now. Want to go with me?
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Sounds like lots of good stuff is happening! yay!


would it be this?

oh! yes. That makes me feel better. :)

Yay for your new title! Yay for Anders new job! Yay for going with you on a walk!

Today was also my first day back at work. Also not swimmingly. One of my therapists had scheduled an 8:30 meeting with a client which I had to lead. In Swedish - you know, that language that I have NOT been speaking much of while Michele has been here. Sheesh!

At least you didn't yell at your boss...or did you? :P

Congrats Liz, to both you and Anders. When you said 'First day at work', does that mean you got a summer vacation??? :P hehe

Seeing your picture of Martin and Karin reminds me... I need to get some new ones of Erik too. (He got his hair buzzed right before returning home... almost as short as mine!) ;)

Yes, indeed! 3 weeks, in fact :)

congatulations! your title should be corporate graphical designer goddess! :-)

global technical instructor sounds like it entails A LOT of traveling?

hope your eye problem is sorted out quickly.

at least twice as much traveling as he was doing before. :( which is a drag, but what'cha gonna do?

Great now I have the Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack in my head. :-)

LOL! Sorry for the earworm.

do I EVER!

Congrats all around to the illustrious Ek Household!!! That must feel great. hope the eye situation is healed soon.

Bisous, bp

Re: do I EVER!

me, too. Have an eye appointment tomorrow!



Meet ya at the corner...

xo wee

Congrats to both of you!


And YAY for new jobs/job monikers (love that word.)


I would love to go for a walk with you. I too am going to my sister's wedding in September. I've been ordained to marry them on the top of some Adirondack mountain on the 15th. I guess I should start thinking about what I want to say. Yikes. Hope your eyes feel better soon. Life seems blurry enough sometimes without the added physical effect.

Ordained! Just to marry your sister? My mom is a minister, too, but I think she refused to do my sister's wedding...she's never actually married anyone. Mom is a scaredycat! hahah!

I hope your eye appointment will at least lead to some relief.

Great news about Anders' new job! Well, except for the extra traveling. One of G's old rowing buddies has a job that sounds almost just like that at Tetra Pak. He goes to Minnesota a lot.


Yay! Congratulations to you both! Anders for the job, and you for the fun tickets! Does this mean you will be working together? Driving in together?

AngelaM (threecrowns)


Heh, no. :) He's at Tetra Pak on the south side of town, and I'm at Axis on the north.

Congrats to your new three letter designations, CGD and GTI. I'm sure both of these job titles would've included the word Manager if you had been living in China. :-) Or how would you like Corporate Graphical Executive Officer, as in the one who actually does the work?

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