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I'm an idiot and too fast for my own good.

Aside to my sister: this is not meant to make you feel bad, I'm just grumbling at my own stupidity.

It seems that EVERYTHING is happening on the very same week this year.
  • The Gothenburg Book Fair, which I had a blast at last year.

  • The AWC Regional Meeting in Copenhagen, which is always a fun time, and I love any excuse to go to Copenhagen.
Both scheduled for the same weekend as my sister's wedding. Oh well, c'est la vie.

BUT, I booked my tickets last night without double-checking my calendars and just realized I'll ALSO be missing our big AWC Annual Meeting, at which elections are held for board members, of which I am one. IF my rabbit-chewed brains had been working any better, I could have booked for Wednesday instead of Tuesday, but now they are booked and non-changeable. ARGH. Double-Argh.


In other news, all that mysterious editing I've been doing for what felt like forever? Finally came to fruition in the form of 5, count 'em, FIVE shiny beautiful bound books delivered in a great big box in the mail today. Lizardek's obiter dictum in print!

*happy happy*
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