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I'm an idiot and too fast for my own good.

Aside to my sister: this is not meant to make you feel bad, I'm just grumbling at my own stupidity.

It seems that EVERYTHING is happening on the very same week this year.
  • The Gothenburg Book Fair, which I had a blast at last year.

  • The AWC Regional Meeting in Copenhagen, which is always a fun time, and I love any excuse to go to Copenhagen.
Both scheduled for the same weekend as my sister's wedding. Oh well, c'est la vie.

BUT, I booked my tickets last night without double-checking my calendars and just realized I'll ALSO be missing our big AWC Annual Meeting, at which elections are held for board members, of which I am one. IF my rabbit-chewed brains had been working any better, I could have booked for Wednesday instead of Tuesday, but now they are booked and non-changeable. ARGH. Double-Argh.


In other news, all that mysterious editing I've been doing for what felt like forever? Finally came to fruition in the form of 5, count 'em, FIVE shiny beautiful bound books delivered in a great big box in the mail today. Lizardek's obiter dictum in print!

*happy happy*
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Aww Liz, I know how that can be sort of... The weekend of July 13-15 this summer, my lady had invited me to go to a 3 day music-fest (of 80's hairbands), back in early June... Then maybe 2-3 weeks before that weekend, I found out about a seminar that I REALLY, REALLY wanted to go to! As you said... c'est la vie! I wasn't going to break my plans with my lady, not after she went ahead and got VIP tickets and took some time off work.

I just went ahead and made sure to sign up for the next seminar early and mark it on my calendar. Better yet, the next one in September, is right here in KC... no having to go to Dallas, find a hotel room, book a flight, etc. at the last minute. ;)

My life is always so busy and full of calendar collisions, so really this is nothing new, it just seems like it was on a larger scale somehow. :)'re in print!? awesome!!

and i love that icon..hehe

I've had it for awhile, but couldn't find any really appropriate time to use it. It cracks me up, I must say!

May I suggest you try to contact writer Chris Miller or leading actor Michael Keaton how to implement the cloning device as used in Multiplicity? Given how busy your life always seems to be, 2-3 Lizardek's may be about the right amount. I'm just afraid they all would take on too many tasks, so they have to clone themselves further until your back yard is crowded with Lizardek clones sleeping on top of eachother in a big party tent.

How are the books? Did they do a nice job? What happens to the pictures in your entries? I've been noticing the ad when I go to the livejournal home page to log in for and I've been wondering if it's worth it.

They're PERFECT!! I'm really pleased. I did do all the work to make them look nice, with the layout and I did my own custom covers, but the print job was done very well. I chose b&w inside-pages so all my pictures are in black-and-white, but they still came out good. It's definitely worth it.


Congratulations! A book fair and a wedding... so hard to choose. :)

- Molly

Wait, wait, wait...what?! Books?! What books?!

:) MY books! I'm torn about "releasing" them because I was thinking that they would make great Xmas presents. I'm still deciding what to do.

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