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As my friend Kathey says, I am a force to behold! (She is, too) We exchanged lists of what we did today and patted ourselves on the back. Here is my list:
  • put stuff out on the curb for the flea market pickup

  • done 5 - count 'em - FIVE loads of laundry (aside to my brother: WITH DRYER *muahahaha!*)

  • stripped all the beds and made them up new

  • talked to my husband on the phone (he's on Gotland)

  • talked to my brother who flew home's sure quiet around here now

  • talked to my mom for an hour

  • read 6 chapters of my book

  • coded 4 sections of cookie recipes on the AWC website

  • called a new member and activated her

  • went for a half hour walk

  • ran the dishwasher and unloaded it

  • made breakfast, lunch and dinner for the kids (and myself)

  • took the following photos of things I've promised to show you

This is the new front garden that Anders re-did during his last week of vacation and while my brother was here. (Here's a very old before shot) Best part? No weeding! The roses have been going gangbusters this year—this is their second flowering and there have been bazillions of them! I like saying "going gangbusters" though I have no idea where that phrase could possibly have come from.

And here is the porch which Anders built during his first weeks of vacation with the pretty blue furniture that I painted during my first week of summer vacation! It's like having another room in the house! With new stuff! And NO FLIES!

So, tomorrow I have a camera and I'm willing to use it. What do you want me to take pictures of?
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I don't know specifically, but I remember more the phrase "coming on like gangbusters" and I know that it was referring to breaking up criminal gangs, maybe all the way back to Prohibition, but that's a little before my time. I remember it vaguely on the radio from my youth, when interesting programmes were on radio.

I found this with a little bit of googling: The phrase "like gangbusters" itself dates back to a wildly popular radio drama of the 1930s. "Gangbusters," which ran from 1936 all the way up to 1957, followed the exploits of courageous lawmen as they battled (and "busted up") criminal gangs and organized crime. Each episode of "Gangbusters" began with a barrage of dramatic sound effects -- sirens, machine guns, doors being kicked in, etc. Not surprisingly, by about 1940 "like gangbusters" had become popular slang for "forcefully and fearlessly" and, by extension, developed the sense you used it in, meaning "with no problem, easily."

1. The yard looks great!
2. The new room/former backporch looks great!
3. The blue furniture looks great!
4. You activated a new member?? Those who don't know the terminology might think you're getting a little kinky in Anders' absence.
5. Take a picture of your clothes closet. No cheating either, lady. Show it like it is. (Note my new interest in clothes closets.)
6. I have a couple of sleeveless cotton shirts in a size I think will fit your increasingly skinny self. I'll bring them tomorrow and you can have 'em if you want.
7. I'm going to see you three times next week and there won't even be any sushi involved!

1. I know!
2. It does, doesn't it?
3. Why, thank you!
4. Get your mind out of the gutter, woman!
5. Can I clean it first? hahaha
6. Awesome, thanks!
7. How sad about the sushi...wish you could meet me before the board meeting!



Your list sent me into a shame spiral of lazy. I have a lot to do tomorrow.

Mike at Cry it out!

Re: Wow

LOL! My list today won't be quite as long, though I still have things to get done. :)

I like your new porch!

Wish I could have one made too, but neighbours will probably shoot that idea down the drain.

I don't understand this needing the neighbours' permission to build on your own backyard thingamajig.

We already had the roof and the deck. We just added sliding glass doors.


Wow- the yard and porch/furniture all look great!
Ideas: pics of my grandkids, OF COURSE!.....
wearing a favorite item
doing something they really like to do
doing something they hate to do
showing off something they made
a photo they think we would like to see!
Love, Lizardmom

I think the front yard looks great! Low maintenance and aesthetically pleasing to my eyes...:) I really like the pic of the kitty peeking out from the flower bush too.

My first thought on seeing your patio table and chairs was a combo of something like "Wow, bright blue...I like! *and* Just don't see enough really cheerful, catchy colors outside here in the USA!"

I was curious what you meant by 'activating a new member' too... :) Have a great night.

I'm on the board of the American Women's Club here in Malmö, and the back up for our membership officer. When we get an application for membership, we call the person and then we activate their membership on the website, and send them information.

the front garden looks absolutely gorgeous!

i'd like pictures of YOU! in your blue garden furniture. relaxing. not doing anything special. maybe thinking of other people but not thinking of DOING something for ANYONE. ha! if you can!

Hrm. "Not thinking of doing something for anyone" — does not compute.

Ohhh, I've been waiting and waiting to see your painted furniture. I was guessing that we had the same set (and we do) and I've been thinking of painting it forever. It looks wonderful! So now I just need to decide on a color as well. haha

I'll warn you now, it's a PAIN to paint because of all those slats! But it didn't actually take me as long as I thought it would, once I got going.

The new garden concept is a vast improvement. Kudos.

My only two comments would be:

I'm concern about the Pulmonaria (spotted leafed plant) and how it will fair in these conditions. It's not a real fan of full sun and tend to look shabby after in blooms in the spring. I'm assuming you wanted something that would contrast with the grasses and offer a different texture. Maybe an Euphorbia characias griffithii would do the trick, or one of the hostas with bigger leaves like Hosta sieboldiana 'Elegans'

My feeling is that the little evergreen shrub is out of proportion and context there. Why not choose a large grass sort like a Miscanthus or Calamagrotis 'Karl Foerster'? Or maybe another Hydrangea to repeat the one you have in the larger bed (I'm a big fan of repeating materials.)

The pulmonaria was actually one of the plants we KEPT from the old garden (along with the tall grasses, the roses and the low green one next to the tall grasses whose name I don't know) and it's done really well in that spot, so I'm not too worried about. The little Japanese dwarf cypress is also in its original spot (we just rocked it in), though I agree it looks a little overwhelmed there ...but it did before, as well :) It's such a slow grower, I think it will look like that for a long time to come.

Oh, and the blue furniture is fabulous.

Is that the hostas with the mostas? :)

Love the furniture! And the front garden!

Thanks! Welcome back...did you have a good trip?

I need to get my butt in gear. Go gangbusters on my butt or something! I am not very productive these days.

I love the blue, it is perfect.

I mean I am inspired by your list : )

pretty pretty blue!!

love the painted furniture and new outdoor room-- yum

I'm thinking 'going gangbusters' might come from breaking strike gangs? turn of the (last) century stuff-- hmm, gonna go to wikpedia and see . .


re your list... Show off! ;) xoxo What the hell did *I* do this weekend while J's on the road? Yesterday: watched 1/2 of niece's gymnastics exhibition...took nephew to breakfast...3+ hr through Bloglines...obligatory hr-long call to mother. Today: 4 loads of shopping at thrift store (score!)...started a new book...2 hr nap...helped both a friend and mother do stuff online...watered the lawn. Okay, Sunday's lookin' kinda weak...especially since it's 9:30 and I still haven't put away the laundry I did 9 hours ago. (Those naps are sorta putting a dent in my to do list...)

I didn't do a whole heck of a lot on Sunday either: went to the flea market, read the rest of my book, did some web work. That's about it :) I think I need more naps!

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