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I awoke to the sound of pouring rain this morning and felt awfully sorry for the Flyinge Sports Association who were probably cursing the weather as they tried to set up the flea market tents and tables over by the soccer fields on the other side of the village. By noon, however, the clouds had lifted and there was blue sky showing around all the edges of the towering cumulus skybeasts, when the kids and I set out. For safety's sake, we wore our raincoats tied around our waists, and we were glad we did as a last sudden shower pounded down right before we got to the entrance.

All of Flyinge was milling about the field, picking over the piles of junk and cast-offs. Martin and Karin kept pointing out OUR things that had gone to the collection truck yesterday but I threatened them with death and destruction if they even so much as THOUGHT about buying anything back. Every few steps we stopped to say hello to someone: classmates, parents of classmates, neighbors, familiar faces. It's like one big giant garage sale, with all the proceeds going to the sports organization. I still miss American garage saleing, though.

On the grass was a pile of rugs and carpets and wallpaper rolls, and a large area filled with flowerpots. There was 1 tent for clothing, 1 for lamps and 1 for electronics and appliances. A long row of tables in a giant u-shape held Christmas ornaments, children's toys, movies, books, and kitchen stuff. Off to the other side of the field 2 long rows of furniture marched across the wet grass, many already emblazoned with "SOLD" stickers. Flea-marketing is an art form in Sweden for the serious collectors, they get there well before the gates open and snatch up any prizes immediately—usually to sell in their OWN flea markets in town. In front of an open-bed truck were piled several items for the auction that would be held in a few hours: all the really good stuff goes into the auction so that it will bring more than 20 kronor. Along the back fence were shoes and boots and a large area filled with miscellaneous things: a fake Christmas tree, rowing machines, rusty grills, baby carriages.

The kids and I walked the tables twice just to see what there was. I found a replica of a large glass popcorn bowl that was broken last year: Score! and a Jill Johnson CD, both for 10 kronor (about $1.50). We spent some time in front of the movie section...although it was all VHS and no DVDs we still have a VCR so we ended up purchasing a tape of Tomorrow Never Dies for another 10 kronor. I found 4 foam seat cushions (the kind you take camping or to a sporting event). Each of the kids had 50 kronor to spend, and neither one came close. Martin bought 2 comic book compilations, a drinking glass with a cartoon pig on it, and a plastic soap holder to use for gym class. Karin bought a silver trophy cup and a couple of tiny toys for 5 kronor. Then I bought them both hamburgers and warm Cokes to drink, and a sweet for a treat and we wandered home, well pleased with our finds.

I had plans for more projects and housework tasks today, but instead spent the rest of the afternoon ensconced on the sofa, finishing my book, and grumbling that the next one in the series hasn't been published yet. I HATE waiting for books! Probably just as well that today was mellow—take a look at what my week looks like, on top of work:
  • Monday: AWC Board & General Meeting
  • Tuesday: Weightwatchers & Barbershop Singing Class
  • Wednesday: All-day/evening Work Event
  • Thursday: Sushi and Book group
  • Friday: Wonderbras Dinner with the Girls
And that doesn't take into account the activities that the kids need to be prepared for including gym, piano, karate, scouts and hemspråk!

Craziness. Toto, I don't think we're on vacation anymore.
mood: calm
music: Jill Johnson—Luckiest People


You gave the kids 50 kronor to spend? Wow. I mean, I'm sure it was fun and instructional, but 50 kronor? Well, it's been a while since my kids were that little, but still, 50 kronor? Do you know what you could buy for 50 kronor here in the States? Do you? Because I have no idea. Is kronor money?


LOL. It's monopoly money, Chuck, it's not REAL money. 50 kronor is about $7...they didn't even spend half that.


As much as I dislike yard sales, Every time I look at the Skane needlepoint piece I picked up for 5 kronor at that town sale- I flash back to how delighted I was with my "Find"! Love, Lizardmom

I looked at the "embroidery" offerings this year, thinking of you, Mom. They were laughably bad, though there was one GIANT one of a moose in the forest. I managed to restrain myself. :D


Look at that list of craziness! I love the idea of just lazing about with a book... sign me up! Hope things are going well in your part of the globe!

- Molly

Busy-ness here this week, too. Katie's mom and I will be skipping the annual district-wide breakfast and speechapalooza tomorrow morning to head to the office to get a big project done. Scooting away from work mid-afternoon tomorrow to pick J. up at the airport. Tuesday we have orientation for entire 7th grade class, new parents and new 8th and 9th graders. Wednesday is the first day of classes. Friday is picture day. Tuesday's my sis-in-law's b' dinner (to celebrate hers and my niece's 17th) planned for Thursday night. J plays in S.F. Friday night (where I might meet a blogging friend!) He flies back to the Southwest on Saturday morning (to play a festival in Santa Fe that night)...comes home on Sunday. (Okay, I'm already tired...)

I'm tired, too! What hectic schedules we all have!

If humans on average lived 50-100 years longer (and aged more slowly), would we slow down in life?

Seriously, I don't see how you have something to do every night without collapsing. We usually have something 2, or sometimes 3 nights a week, and that is positively all I'll allow. I wouldn't be happy being that busy.

I agree! Erik has soccer (practice on Thursday nights and games on Saturdays, starting in 2-3 more weeks), and I go to training meetings 1-2 times a week for Herbalife. Other than that, our schedule isn't terribly busy in the evenings right now.

Every night Monday through Friday tho...? Crazy! ;) (Of course, moving in with my fiancee and her kids, we'll have 3 running around, and I suspect it will be even busier... 2 adults to chauffeur etc. should help too, though.)

This doesn't happen every week, thank goodness, but it sure does happen more often that I would really prefer. I do honestly try to keep my schedule to 2-3 per week as well but sometimes events conspire against me.

I DO collapse, though. Once a month or so. :P


Every time you write about your outings with your children, it reminds me of my own childhood. Having a few dollars in my pocket to spend at the candy and toy store near my grand-parent's place in Michigan or the antique store where mom would buy us a milkshake from ye olde ice cream shoppe. sigh. to be a kid again. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.


Where in Michigan? Just thinking about my grandparent's home(s) in Michigan dumps me back into MY childhood too. :)


I always love going to flea markets, especially when there are cheap books to buy!
By the way, what are you currently reading that you can't wait for the next one?

Re: books!

My brother got me hooked into George R.R. Martin's Song of Ice & Fire series (high fantasy). I finished the 4th one yesterday and the next one isn't even published yet. Now I'm reading The Liar's Club by Mary Karr and so far it is excellent.

Re: books!

That's what I was gonna ask, current book. Well Liz, what's the first one? I'm ready to shift after I finish this Christopher Buckley book.

Re: books!

Right now: Mary Karr's The Liars' Club
Just finished: George R.R. Martin's series that starts with A Game of Thrones

Re: books!


It sounds like a fun day. I went yard sailing (heehee) on Sunday.

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