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Last weekend I thought I would have time to take some picture requests, but only kejn and my mom asked for anything, and kejn's was IMPOSSIBLE OH MY GOD, DO NOTHING? FOR NO ONE? SIT STILL??? *blank look* HUH?? Time conspired against me that day somehow and I never ended up getting around to taking any photos, and then First Crazy Week of Fall One began and all thoughts of photo shoots flew from my mind.

However, I had told Martin and Karin about the photo request that their grandma had made and then we came up with a great idea and today we put it into action. Lizardmom requested the following photos...she wanted to see her grandkids:
  • wearing a favorite item
  • doing something they really like to do
  • doings something they really hate to do
  • showing off something they made
  • a photo they think you'd really like to see
And so, without further ado, I give you

Martin is wearing the scarf his Aunt Sarah knitted for him and Karin has on her motorcycle helmet. Martin is reading and Karin is playing with a lightsaber for the things they really like to do, and I think you can figure out for yourselves what it is that they really HATE to do. And finally, the Lego town in the foreground of the photo is something that they made that they want to show off. Ta-dah! There you go, Grandma! :D
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