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I signed up for twitter. I must be mad. Now what do I do with it? Do people answer me on it? Do they just read it and nod their heads or squinch up their noses? Here's a question for you: How many online communities/presences do you have? Can you keep up with them all? How, MY GOD, how do you do it??

Karin is now the proud owner (and wearer) of an over-sized karate outfit in which she reminds me of a rather sharp-cornered, belted schmoo.

I have work to be doing. Why aren't I doing it?

My walk today was good and sweaty, up hill and down dale, in a different town (while Karin was air-punching and hai-yah-kicking) but boring. Just gravel and trees and the occasional slug. No people, no bizarre and twisty conversations with my kid.

If work was an appliance it would be a coffee grinder. If I was something being ground, I would be the coffee.

I am not at all sure that the above metaphor made sense to anyone but me, but it made me giggle madly.

Martin is bugging me. Like a big bug. He actually just got in my face and said, "huh? huh? huh?"

If you're looking for coherency or a common thread, move along.
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music: the ending credits of Little House on the Prairie


You do know what being full of beans result in, donchya?

not really. I never eat the things. :P

how refreshing coherency, nor common thread... *teehee*

Re: how refreshing

You're used to it with me, right? :D

Re: how refreshing

Mutual, I'm sure.


Oy, twitter. I just meandered over to check it out, but I think I'll have to close my eyes because I certainly don't need another online addiction. :) I already have too many blogs to count!

- Molly

I agree, actually, Molly! I have enough to do without getting sucked into another black hole. :P


twitter is like a quick blog; wonderful for those busy days... It's great and addictive. So glad you decided to come over and join. Otherwise, I probably wouldn't of "met" you and come over here to comment :)


Well, this will still be my primary blogging place, so you're very welcome either way!

When I got my first couple of Twitter invites a few months back, I thought, NONONONONONONO! I canNOT do another THING online! Plus, it seemed stupid. HA! But, oh lordy, once you get used to's so much easier to just Twitter than post sometimes! The only thing to know is that when you want to answer or send something to just one person (even though all who are following both of you can see it), you write @username and then they'll see it (if they're also following you). Also, if you're mutually following each other, you can send the person a (still only 140 words) direct message that will be private. You'll see--it's fun! :) YAY!

Oh good, instructions! Thanks, I needed that!


I've already sent you a useless message on Twitter!


Re: twitter

useless messages are the best. I think. :P

I was initially really resistive to Twitter, too. But then I figured out I could use it as a micro-blogging tool by adding a badge to ShazzerSpeak, and I've been a regular "twitterer" ever since. You can also use it to interact remotely with other online services, like GCal and Remember the Milk...which is way convenient.


I heart Twitter. I think I need a t-shirt I love it so much, even more than blogging.

not another blog....

No twitter here, I dont have the time or connection speed (yet!!) but I have ordered Broadband finally!! so maybe there will be webshots to update, or heaven forbid, my LJ. or maybe I will just go crazy on Deviant art....ahhhr.

anywho. great to hear about the different walk, more hills and dales, should be better for you then the same old snail trail. even if it is more boring, you just need to open the senses and enjoy something around you, Eslöv cant be all that bad...

miss you guys, but its good to be home.

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