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I signed up for twitter. I must be mad. Now what do I do with it? Do people answer me on it? Do they just read it and nod their heads or squinch up their noses? Here's a question for you: How many online communities/presences do you have? Can you keep up with them all? How, MY GOD, how do you do it??

Karin is now the proud owner (and wearer) of an over-sized karate outfit in which she reminds me of a rather sharp-cornered, belted schmoo.

I have work to be doing. Why aren't I doing it?

My walk today was good and sweaty, up hill and down dale, in a different town (while Karin was air-punching and hai-yah-kicking) but boring. Just gravel and trees and the occasional slug. No people, no bizarre and twisty conversations with my kid.

If work was an appliance it would be a coffee grinder. If I was something being ground, I would be the coffee.

I am not at all sure that the above metaphor made sense to anyone but me, but it made me giggle madly.

Martin is bugging me. Like a big bug. He actually just got in my face and said, "huh? huh? huh?"

If you're looking for coherency or a common thread, move along.
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