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Even when I have an evening when I "don't have anything to do," I can suddenly realize that it's 9:41 p.m. and where in the hell did my evening GO?! Out the bloody window, apparently.

At Weightwatchers after work I managed a pleased, if slightly pained smile, at the revelation that I lost 4 hectograms this past week. All summer long I have been struggling with the same damn kilo. It will NOT GET OFF OF ME. It's like everyone's nightmare small-child tantrum, clinging with a pincer grip around your legs (or in this case, your hips) and shrieking NO NO NO NO NO! at the top of its lungs despite all your efforts to extricate yourself quietly and gracefully. Of course, when your efforts include several birthday parties, dinner parties, and summer vacation snacking, you (and I do mean you. I could not possibly be talking about me) really only have yourself to blame for that adhesive kilo.

After that I came home and made dinner for the family: macaroni and meatballs with ketchup for Anders and Karin, macaroni and cheese and meatballs for Martin and a big salad and a small bowl of macaroni and cheese for me. Because Martin requested macaroni and cheese and the way I make it involves using a precious can of Campbell's Cheddar Cheese Soup (purchaseable only in America) I reserve the right to eat some myself.

It's probably disgraceful that macaroni and cheese made with Campbell's is really the only macaroni and cheese I like. It's perfect comfort food. I can't abide that Kraft Krap though I know it has its fanatic adherents the world over. When I was a child I thought my grandmother's oven-baked (gasp!) macaroni and cheese was also anathema...too bad we have to grow up to get good taste because by then we've moved away and the chances to get some of Grandma's good cooking are far and few between. She still sends me her to-die-for soft gingersnaps every year for Christmas: a small tin of them with pairs of cookies lovingly wrapped in Saran Wrap for protection against the U.S. Postal Service. She turned 91 this year. Selfishly, I wish she'd live forever just so I could keep on getting those cookies. And don't say I could make the cookies myself. I've tried. It's just not the same.

Anyway, after that I went to the grocery store. Then I came home and, with the help of the kids, put the groceries away (artichokes! strawberries! sugar snap peas!) and then it was bathtime and then it was bedtime and more of The Long Winter, which, when you read it one chapter at a time at bedtimes, really really lives up to the adjective in its title. I've been calling it The Never-Ending Winter. This is actually my favorite of The Little House books. The scenes in it really stuck in my mind as an impressionable child. Twisting hay in the freezing lean-to. Starving on potatoes and brown bread. The trains never coming and the white frosty nailheads in the ceiling. Even the Indian at the beginning, coming into the store and declaiming, "Heap Big Snow" to all the stupified white men.

And then, suddenly it was nearly 10 p.m.! So there, there's where my evening went. I still have things to do, like feed the fish and answer emails and catch up with blog-reading and work on a few AWC web pages. Zoooooooooooooooooooom!
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Zoooooooom for both of us! I'm tired ;)

I loved reading Little House of the Prairie books when I was little. The Long Winter really is an apt description for Swedish winters too.

Heh! Maybe that is why it seems to be sticking with me even more these days! :P

You haven't happened to coerce the recipe of your grandmother's oven-baked macaroni and cheese out of her, have you?

No, but I can get it for you :) Mom!! Help!

I think the scene with the biggest impact was the boy who died after he stepped on the beehive. That and thinking about all that food they had stored for the winter.

Oh and it's your grandmother's gingersnaps and for me it's my grandma's cinnamon rolls. I've just gained 8lbs thinking about them.

LOL! I know what you mean about the 8 lbs.!

The boy didn't die after stepping on the beehive, he just swelled up terribly and was wrapped up in plasters and salves and bandages like a mummy (that's what the illustration shows). He actually grows up just fine and turns up for a brief appearance in On the Shores of Silver Lake

Re: M and C

I think it's hilarious, too. You wouldn't believe how many expats moan about not being able to find Kraft overseas.


Your Grandma happened to be at my house tonight- and she said to tell you...."She enjoyed hearing what you wrote"! :) Love, Lizardmom

My housemate, Chava, made soft ginger cookies this afternoon. She made them with ingredients I could imbibe. So of course, I ate too many of them : )
It is different when someone else makes them for you. And I can only imagine how much more special it is when they are sent to you through the mail. Yum and fun.

Forget the mac and cheese, I want the recipe for those ginger cookies. Yum!

It's not just my evenings that are zooming by. It's the weeks and months.



You can order the magazine with Christina's piece on it online. Otherwise, I'm sure someone can send it to you!!

- Molly

Maybe I'll see if my mom or sister can buy it now and I can pick it up when I'm in the States,...though I don't know how either one of them feels about buying the "pregnancy" issue. Hee!


Mine came in the mail today, and I'm going to leave it on the dining room table and see how long the husband takes to notice it. :) It's a lovely piece. I could photocopy it for you and mail it out, if you'd like.

If you didn't mind, that would be super! :) Thank you!


I know exactly what you mean. I often think there are not enough hours in the day. It seems I'm always going and I often have little to show for it. What the?


Heya Liz, I don't know much about Weightwatchers... I think you count up points for what you eat if I remember correctly...? My fiancee, started LA Weight Loss the same time I did, back about May 2nd. She didn't have a problem with paying $650 for a year membership. (Ouch!) I started taking Herbalife the same time... two shakes a day, and two teas, and just cut back a bit on my meal. I eat whatever I want though for my one meal, I just try to make better choices MOST of the time. (BTW, we've both had success following the plans, she's lost about 16 lbs, and I have lost almost 30 lbs.)

I don't know if you've ever tried Herbalife, or if you like smoothies/milkshakes, but it's been effortless for me, especially with one day a week allocated to cheating/not following the program. Very cost-effective too, although I'm not sure what the prices would be like in Sweden. Even at retail price, it comes out to maybe USD$4-5 per day for two meals... Maybe $2-3 at the max discount (for 2 meals a day), and with flavors like Turtle Cheesecake, Strawberry-Banana, Reese's Cup... how can one go wrong? :D

$650??!?! Good lord. Actually, I don't know what it is a month in dollars for WW, but for me, it's more about the motivation and the "deadline" each week, as well as learning better habits and changing the bad ones of a lifetime.

I've heard that the deadlines and accountability help a lot of people! I've got to do my weekly weigh-in/measurements tomorrow *fingers crossed*, but that's all I do.

My diet has never been the greatest. I don't eat fruits and veggies, haven't since I was maybe 7 or 8. (I'd rather sit at the table for 3 hours until bedtime, than clean my plate of veggies... that lasted several weeks until my parents got frustrated!) So, I'm just tickled that I found Herbalife's shakes (which come from the patent for 'spaceman-food', ie. the formula that NASA had designed for the astronauts) Tastes great, low in fat, sodium, calories, cholesterol, and high in protein, fiber and nutrients... I can do these forever! :)

BTW, I thought $650 JUST for a year membership, not including any products at all (those are all sold separately) was high. Since her telling me that, I've ran into other women who have said they were quoted anywhere from $1610 to over $2300!!! :-O


I think the phrase "adhesive kilo" is the best I've read anywhere. In months. MONTHS!!! It shall stick with me for a very long time (pun intended).

xoxox wee

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