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One of the things that arrived in the several packages that we've gotten recently from my mom is a CD of American patriotic songs, which I asked her to find. I wanted it for my kids because otherwise, there are hardly any occasions here in Sweden where they will actually hear these songs as they grow up. I just put it in the CD player to listen to while I check email tonight and by god, it's stirring! :)

Okay, well, maybe not stirring, but as a military brat, it does give me a certain frisson of patriotic emotion that I'll probably never completely be able to remove from my character. Another nice thing about it is the note on the back that says a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this CD are donated to the American Red Cross Liberty Disaster Relief Fund.

How can you not like You're a Grand Old Flag and Home on the Range?

Speaking of American music...um...classics, choir was great tonight. I LOVE IT. I'm so tired around 4:30-5 when I get home on Wednesdays that I have these sneaking thoughts of just staying home and vegging/napping on the couch, but when I get there, it's like a jolt of energy. It's just great. And we're singing some of the biggest chestnuts of my childhood, only they sound so beautiful in 3 and 4 part harmony. And Eva, our choir leader, said she liked the Christmas song I put in as a suggestion, so we'll be singing it, too! Hurrah!


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