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It appears that my brain has been so thoroughly chewed by rabbits that it no longer has the ability to retain anything of importance. Today at work, I turned up my nose at the food being served in the cafeteria, preferring instead to take the half-portion of pasta from the other day from the fridge and heat it up. I opened it up and thought, "Oh! How strange! This is chicken & sun-dried tomato tagliatelle and I thought it was bacon & chanterelle mushroom with curly noodles...oh well, whatever" and I put it in a bowl and popped it into the microwave.

Whereupon it struck me (smote me? why so violent with the realizations?) that it SHOULD have been bacon & chanterelle, hrm...so I did some digging in the refrigerator (which, YUCK, colleagues, throw your old food away once in a while, wouldya?) and lo and behold, there it was! With Monday's date on the lid, while the chicken & tomato tin was dated LAST WEEK. Double-hrm.

In the same vein, I asked for photo requests 2 weeks ago, and last week the kids and I responded to the only other request besides kejn's (which as you know was IMPOSSIBLE OH MY GOD, DO NOTHING? FOR NO ONE? SIT STILL??? *blank look* HUH??) that I had gotten...except I DIDN'T REMEMBER that, in fact, I had gotten a third request which I had registered initially and then spaced completely due to the ensuing conversation about sushi possibilities AND the fact that it was semi-hidden in a numbered list, and everyone knows I have a mental block about math. Shut up. It's not my fault. It was that darn Mrs. Brown in 5th grade. I blame her unreservedly.

Anyway. brief_therapy asked for photos of my closet. I wasn't allowed to clean it out first, more's the pity. But if you are even remotely interested, here is my closet. Proof that my life is not nearly so neat and organized behind the scenes as I might have you think.

Things in my/our closet, besides clothes we actually wear
  • a box of wallpaper
  • shoes that don't fit me
  • a large stack of framed posters and paintings
  • boxes of magazines
  • an exercise mat and nordic walking sticks that only my daughter has used
  • 2 bags of books to go to the media sale
  • an extra mattress for the cot bed
  • 2 boxes of "skinny clothes", 12 years old
  • a big box of duffels and bags
  • 5 electric fans
  • 2 easter baskets
  • a straw hat
  • several rolled up rugs
  • a multi-system television
  • a badminton racket


Kissy Fishy Smoochface Birthday Wishes to orangepoppy!
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