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Even after 7 years 6 years (argh stupid math head), a documentary about 9/11 comes on TV and my stomach gives a lurch and I have to get up and leave the room. Even though I wasn't watching TV. Even though I was immersed in a good book. I slept badly last night for various reasons and if I open that particular can of memories the worms will keep me awake all night.


It appears that the list of new music artists that I've discovered lately has burgeoned to unwieldy proportions and I need serious intervention. Send CDs!


How strange that an activity I've never heard of should come to my attention TWICE in one night. Once in the opening chapters of a book I just started and once in a blog post


Just got an email from the choir board stating that all efforts to find a replacement for our choir leader are coming up empty and the start date is being pushed back indefinitely. What a DRAG. Any of you lovelies in Skåne know of someone burning to lead a passably good women's choir? It's a paid position!


To my amazement, when I asked Martin this evening if he wanted to come along while I dropped Karin off at karate and then went for a walk and read books afterwards, he said yes. We duly waved goodbye to Karin in her oversized and up-rolled karate outfit (uniform? suit?) and locked up the car before heading off to Önsjöparken, a green area behind the residential neighborhoods near the gym complex. It came upon me serendiptiously last week as I was following where my feet led and I was delighted at the discovery. A huge oval area, all to myself, with a graveled path slung around the outside upper edge. At the very epicenter stand 2 lonely soccer goals, with the grass inbetween them tall and green, looking as though no one ever comes and plays there.

Last week when I walked it, it felt quiet and peaceful in an empty-earth sort of way, with all the sounds of the nearby neighborhoods masked by the rustling of the breeze in the autumning trees. Today, with Martin along, it was a rolicking jaunt of striding forward, turning back, getting confused and finally figuring out that there are actually TWO graveled paths, one on the outside, and one on the inside. We finally got straightened out and proceeded in a counter-clockwise circle, with Martin regaling me the entire way with the complete plot of the Molly Moon books. We stopped to say hello to 2 huge black cats, who were parked out near the soccer goals; they seemed surprised and a bit taken aback to have their huge empty playpark disturbed by 2-leggers. After a bit of chirruping, the sleek giant with the slanty green eyes came sauntering toward us but hesitated while still several feet away at which point his companion, who was refusing to do more than cast an occasional disdainful look in our direction, called at him and bristled. When he turned away, we gave up and continued on our way.


Good Things: mini pave bread rolls, a faint blush of red on the trees, crispy cool evenings with cobalt skies, the hand-delivered pile of shiny new books from a book group buddy,, the way my several projects are moving along and progressing


It seems awfully quiet around here lately. Where is everyone? Still in recovery-after-summer mode? Ambushed by school/work/fall?


I seem to be treating this entry rather like twitter, continuously refining and updating as thoughts strike me (hey thoughts! why so violent?).

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Things that still bother me
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9/11 was a horrible event, but my logic brain feels obliged to inform you it was only six years ago.. :-/ .. unless you live in the future, of course.

6, 7, whatever!

I too feel that LJ is more quiet than usual, I've been wondering if people are abandoning it for something else or if blogging is going out of style or what...


Ah, good to know I wasn't the only one that felt compelled to correct Liz's normally-flawless arithmetic ;-)

What great new music artists are you finding?


ARGH. I counted on my fingers a MILLION TIMES. Stupid *@#!!#$)@ math. :P

I bet you counted the year it happened as well: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007.. seven years.

Some more cheerful things to remember September 11th for:

1847: "Oh Susannah" was sung for the first time. Stephen Foster sold his rights to the song for a bottle of whiskey.

1875: N.Y. Daily Graphic was the first newspaper to print a comic strip.

1951: Florence Chadwick became the first woman to swim the English Channel in both directions.

1974: "Little House on the Prairie" made its television debut.

Funny boy

"normally-flawless arithmetic"'re funny! NOT


> What great new music artists are you finding?

Nevermind, I found your playlists on

Do you feel that your musical privacy has been violated?



Well, it could have at least auto-linked the URL for me in that last post :-( (



Well now that is just really annoying.


LOL. I don't think the comments are capable of automatically linking anything, I think you have to do it manually.

No. It's not like my username is a big secret :) I'm all over the place with it. And that first page of playlist is really misleading. It was playing a lot of jazzy lounge stuff the other day because I'd had Jamie Cullum recommended to me. :)

too many fingers?

I hope that means that you have at least 7 fingers still.
or do you have problems counting individuals ones twice?
Just so you know Normal Humans have 8 fingers*
and aliens have 10.

*(plus 2 thumbs, unless you are all thumbs, and some people have two left feet - proven by my dancing at my wedding.)

maybe I should update my LJ then it wont feel like there is a great big wide hole in your life...


I plead guilty to being ambushed by school/work/fall. I don't really see any down time until after Columbus Day but that'll be here before you know it.

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