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zird is the word [userpic]
  • learning French
  • adopting a Siberian cat
  • living in Holland
  • traveling to Prague, St. Petersburg and Sydney
  • losing another 25 pounds
  • vacationing in Ireland and Wales
  • doing a "Great Museums" world tour
  • planting trees
  • recycling more
  • saving the polar bears, among others
  • inventing a matter transmitter
  • having another baby ...hahaha! NOT!
  • re-decorating the children's department
  • being the author of a book on
  • biting my tongue when something sarcastic begins to fly off of it
  • moving somewhere else for a couple of years
  • reading all the books on my wish list
  • tattooing a tiny, curled lizard on my hip
  • adding more pages to my sadly neglected collage book
  • getting a breast reduction
  • hiring someone to help with the cleaning
  • eating more cookies
  • hosting a slumber party
  • increasing the colors in my wardrobe
  • reaching 100 comments for a journal post
  • watching my children experience Halloween in America
  • sitting in a theater watching Wicked or The Lion King
  • meeting YOU for a cozy weekend of laughter and conversation
How about you? What are you dreaming of doing?
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Yes! Get a tattoo of a lizard on your hip! That would be cool : )

I want to vacation in Wales too. Go on a writing retreat there or in England. Or maybe Italy, Tuscany, siiiigh.

Regrettably, that's probably one that will never happen.

We were in Wales over the weekend when Martin was 5 months old. Anders was in England for a 2-week course and I joined for him several days. It was WONDERFUL. And we saw so very little. I really want to go back someday.

Let's get started on those 100 comments... ;-)


well- losing 25 pounds ...and eating more cookies! Might not work, if my week is any indication- 3/4 pound of fudge just went right to the middle in only a few days! :( And I was feeling so proud of my weight loss!

My list of things I want to do always included a hot air ballon ride- but having second thoughts on that now. But the travel spots have greatly increased - need a travel companion though to make it more fun! Love, Lizardmom

I was going to comment on the losing weight and eating more cooking combination as well. Sadly, not so compatible.

However, I will campaign for you moving to Holland. Yes, go for it! And hire someone else to do the cleaning as well. So worth it.

Collage page...hmm *looks away with guilt*


you could come here with family for halloween and I could teach you French! that crosses 2 off the list-- heh


Re: hmmm--

that crosses 3 off! (see the last bulletpoint, though I'd stretch it to more than a weekend, in that case :)

I should make a list. Just like you, I love making lists and scratching things off. I'm a bit lazy right now though. So I guess my list would be:

Make a list!

haha! baby steps! baby steps! :D

What a great and diverse list.

It was fun putting it together. So many things to get going on!

that's a good list :) i used to write lots of lists when i was a teenager what i wanted to do in life. some of it has happened but my biggest dream is still to move to sweden (preferably stockholm) and i'm still working that road to get there :) one way or another! apart from that i really want to find a fun boyfriend with whom i can laugh a lot and finish my school with good grades!! to have those things fixed first, i'll get busy making a new list of other things :)


This is a great (!) list Liz. I feel challenged (in a good and struggling way) to make mine.


There's a great TV show that I've seen a few times here in the States called "No Opportunity Wasted" (also called "NOW"). It's hosted by Phil Keoghan from show "The Amazing Race". The story goes that when he was 19, growing up in New Zealand, he almost died while scuba diving, and has since kept a list of things he wants to accomplish in life. One of the things on his list was to create this show, which gives people 72 hours and $3,000 to fulfill one of their dreams in life, and to "live life NOW". Apparently people had the chance to apply for the show a while back, but they weren't told in advance that they'd been selected. So he shows up with a camera crew while the person is in a business meeting, at a crowded bar, or somewhere else with a lot of people around, and explains to the crowd what's happening. Once the person accepts the challenge, the 72 hours starts immediately, and they have to begin their dream, which they have to accomplish entirely on their own, or with the help of anyone they can get help from during the 72 hours (then the crowd usually goes crazy, cheering them on as they leave).

Anyway, Phil even wrote a book about it, and there's a web site where you can find out more info:

Click "About Now" at the top to get to other people's submitted lists, including Phil's. Or click "Now TV" and then one of the episode guides on the left to see the shows they've done.

One of the shows was about a guy that worked as a baggage handler for Southwest Airlines in San Antonio, Texas, but wanted to be a professional wrestler (or at least train to be one, to see what it'd be like). I happened to meet him one day while flying through that airport :-)


How cool. I've never heard of the show, but then since my TV-time is minimal that's perhaps not surprising. I'll check out the website. :)

biting my tongue when something sarcastic begins to fly off of it

Wash your mouth out with soap, NOW! We can't have that. Who would keep me company?

I like your last suggestion though. You could come and help me wallpaper. Next weekend is good for me. :)

Next weekend I'm going to Liseberg, and then to the pumpkin patch and THEN I'm packing to fly to the States for a week.

Nice to hear from you, you old bat! How's the new digs??

getting out of debt
getting a tattoo of a pig on my toe (I'll get mine if you get yours)
painting the house, inside and out
buying a time share in Ireland
losing weight
learning to like exercise
flying to the moon (not realy but it's about as likely as learning to liek exercise :P)

buying a nice winter coat and boots
also inventing a matter transmitter
bee keeping
getting a cat
living near a colony of river otters

bee keeping?

You can do Prague, Ireland and Wales, easy. St. Petersburg and Sydney are going to be harder, I'd think.

I think you guys should take the month of November and come stateside, leaving a little ahead of time so as to catch Halloween but staying long enough to do Thanksgiving too.

I wish! Since I'll be in the States next week, though, that won't be an option. The other problem is SCHOOL. We can't take a month off at that time of year anymore...wah!

Here's my list.



I'm trying to help with the "reaching a 100 comments for a journal post." I think you could get it on this post if all your friends gave you their dream lists!

Re: PS

Heh! I think so, too!

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