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zird is the word [userpic]
  • learning French
  • adopting a Siberian cat
  • living in Holland
  • traveling to Prague, St. Petersburg and Sydney
  • losing another 25 pounds
  • vacationing in Ireland and Wales
  • doing a "Great Museums" world tour
  • planting trees
  • recycling more
  • saving the polar bears, among others
  • inventing a matter transmitter
  • having another baby ...hahaha! NOT!
  • re-decorating the children's department
  • being the author of a book on
  • biting my tongue when something sarcastic begins to fly off of it
  • moving somewhere else for a couple of years
  • reading all the books on my wish list
  • tattooing a tiny, curled lizard on my hip
  • adding more pages to my sadly neglected collage book
  • getting a breast reduction
  • hiring someone to help with the cleaning
  • eating more cookies
  • hosting a slumber party
  • increasing the colors in my wardrobe
  • reaching 100 comments for a journal post
  • watching my children experience Halloween in America
  • sitting in a theater watching Wicked or The Lion King
  • meeting YOU for a cozy weekend of laughter and conversation
How about you? What are you dreaming of doing?
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well- losing 25 pounds ...and eating more cookies! Might not work, if my week is any indication- 3/4 pound of fudge just went right to the middle in only a few days! :( And I was feeling so proud of my weight loss!

My list of things I want to do always included a hot air ballon ride- but having second thoughts on that now. But the travel spots have greatly increased - need a travel companion though to make it more fun! Love, Lizardmom

I was going to comment on the losing weight and eating more cooking combination as well. Sadly, not so compatible.

However, I will campaign for you moving to Holland. Yes, go for it! And hire someone else to do the cleaning as well. So worth it.

Collage page...hmm *looks away with guilt*

You can eat cookies and still lose weight. It just depends on HOW MANY cookies, and what else you change to balance the effect. :D

And I didn't mean the friends-collage-page, I meant my own project :) So you can put away your guilt!

Of course you can eat cookies and lose weight. I had one myself a couple nights ago... chocolate chip, tasted good. Not as enjoyable as my smoothies/shakes though, not as healthy, tasty OR as filling! ;)

I'm with you on losing some more weight though, Liz. 25 lbs is a scary number to me now though, to be honest. I would like to drop another 10-15 maybe... but at 5'9 and weighing in at 187.2 today, I have never wanted to be one of those twiggy looking, marathon runner type guys. (Yuck!)

I'll be happy just getting back down to 175ish, which was what I weighed in 8th or 9th grade. Should be another month or two, at a guess, unless I get off my butt and start working out. ;)

Just one? You managed to eat only ONE COOKIE at a time? *bows*

There are a ton of hot air balloons here this time of year...Anders would go with you :) I've sort of always wanted to do it too, but suspect my vertigo would get the best of me.

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