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zird is the word [userpic]
  • learning French
  • adopting a Siberian cat
  • living in Holland
  • traveling to Prague, St. Petersburg and Sydney
  • losing another 25 pounds
  • vacationing in Ireland and Wales
  • doing a "Great Museums" world tour
  • planting trees
  • recycling more
  • saving the polar bears, among others
  • inventing a matter transmitter
  • having another baby ...hahaha! NOT!
  • re-decorating the children's department
  • being the author of a book on
  • biting my tongue when something sarcastic begins to fly off of it
  • moving somewhere else for a couple of years
  • reading all the books on my wish list
  • tattooing a tiny, curled lizard on my hip
  • adding more pages to my sadly neglected collage book
  • getting a breast reduction
  • hiring someone to help with the cleaning
  • eating more cookies
  • hosting a slumber party
  • increasing the colors in my wardrobe
  • reaching 100 comments for a journal post
  • watching my children experience Halloween in America
  • sitting in a theater watching Wicked or The Lion King
  • meeting YOU for a cozy weekend of laughter and conversation
How about you? What are you dreaming of doing?
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getting out of debt
getting a tattoo of a pig on my toe (I'll get mine if you get yours)
painting the house, inside and out
buying a time share in Ireland
losing weight
learning to like exercise
flying to the moon (not realy but it's about as likely as learning to liek exercise :P)

buying a nice winter coat and boots
also inventing a matter transmitter
bee keeping
getting a cat
living near a colony of river otters

bee keeping?

yeah, I've always wanted to keep bees. I'm thinking my neighbors might not appreciate it though ;o)

Not if you walk around looking like this:

Your neighbours may keep birds from the Meropidae (bee-eater) family to counter your bee keeping. Wikipedia lists 26 species, of which most are native in Africa or Asia, some in Europe and Australia but none in North or South America? There also are other insects like beewolves who capture and kill honey bees.

I think there exists some mid-sized mammals known for rupturing bee's nests too, but I can't find them. Something like an anteater, but eating honey.

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lizardek's obiter photos
lizardek's obiter photos

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I can complain because rose bushes have thorns or rejoice because thorn bushes have roses.

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