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zird is the word [userpic]
  • learning French
  • adopting a Siberian cat
  • living in Holland
  • traveling to Prague, St. Petersburg and Sydney
  • losing another 25 pounds
  • vacationing in Ireland and Wales
  • doing a "Great Museums" world tour
  • planting trees
  • recycling more
  • saving the polar bears, among others
  • inventing a matter transmitter
  • having another baby ...hahaha! NOT!
  • re-decorating the children's department
  • being the author of a book on
  • biting my tongue when something sarcastic begins to fly off of it
  • moving somewhere else for a couple of years
  • reading all the books on my wish list
  • tattooing a tiny, curled lizard on my hip
  • adding more pages to my sadly neglected collage book
  • getting a breast reduction
  • hiring someone to help with the cleaning
  • eating more cookies
  • hosting a slumber party
  • increasing the colors in my wardrobe
  • reaching 100 comments for a journal post
  • watching my children experience Halloween in America
  • sitting in a theater watching Wicked or The Lion King
  • meeting YOU for a cozy weekend of laughter and conversation
How about you? What are you dreaming of doing?
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You can do Prague, Ireland and Wales, easy. St. Petersburg and Sydney are going to be harder, I'd think.

I think you guys should take the month of November and come stateside, leaving a little ahead of time so as to catch Halloween but staying long enough to do Thanksgiving too.

I wish! Since I'll be in the States next week, though, that won't be an option. The other problem is SCHOOL. We can't take a month off at that time of year anymore...wah!

Yeah, that pesky school schedule!

Actually, 'round these parts they have a slew of days off then (election day, since the polling place is the school, Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving) so it wouldn't be that hard to miss it, though I'm sure the school would give you a pretty hard time about it.

There already are a few cruising trips from Stockholm via Helsinki/Tallinn to St. Petersburg. Some go by ship all the way, while others take the train or bus the last leg. Citizens of an European country do not have to apply for a tourist visa for the short stay, but people of other nationalities probably have to.

If you feel wealthy, you can also go on a cruise with the Royal Caribbian (RCCL) ship "Jewel of the Seas" which will traffic the Baltic Sea next summer, 2008. It will stop in Stockholm, St. Petersburg, Tallinn, Riga and a few more ports. Starting price is about 2900 SEK ($420) per person for a three day cruise, 3160 SEK ($460) for four days. Of course both are All-Inclusive.

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