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Martin and I, in the car, driving past a stand of maple trees beginning to show autumn colors

Liz: Look, Martin! The trees are turning!
Martin: the Dark Side.
Liz & Martin: *giggle madly*

Started packing today for my trip, or at least making piles on the dining room table of clothes and things to take with. Dithering about clothing and weather.
When I talked to my sister she warned me that it's HOT there. Hot and humid. Aieee! Summer clothes. I've been wearing sweaters and warm clothing here for WEEKS*. Back to dithering and completely re-thinking my wardrobe for the trip.


I had better be hearing soon how the weekend is going for 2 of my favorite people (and a 3rd really cool one) who are all meeting for the first time. I WISH I WAS THERE!! Blog friendships are so awesome.

And I'm really thrilled because I get to meet up with another of MY blog buddies, for a 2nd time, no less, while I'm in the States! Yay! Rée, anything you want me to bring you from Sweden? Speak now, because I've got tomorrow to deal with it. XD


Tomorrow is the annual AWC outing to the pumpkin patch. We have the most people on the sign up sheet that I think we've EVER had, over 50 people! Unfortunately, we can't pick the Halloween pumpkins in the fields because due to the record amounts of rainfall Sweden had this summer, they all had to be taken in earlier or they would have drowned and rot. There are some other pumpkins we can pick, though (pie pumpkins!) and sweet corn. And the kids won't care.


I feel like I have a little clawed beast sitting on the back of my neck, with its talons cutting deep into my shoulders and neck muscles. It never really goes away, not even after a massage or a good night's sleep. I know the cause: non-stop work at a computer ALL DAY LONG EVERY DAY. 8 hours for work, and right now, an additional 5-6 hours nearly every night. I'm so glad September is almost over, it always seems to be trying to win a prize for Month With The Mostest.


I don't know how much I'll be online for the next week and a half. Maybe tomorrow but then not again until, and unless, there is either some free time to catch up at my sister's place or in the motel room. Be good and don't write so damn much that I end up hopelessly behind on my return, there's a good Internet.

*In fact, nearly the whole bloody summer. *grumble*
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have a great time!!
and yeah, good luck with that "catching up with LJ" when you come back. serves you right for getting all that SUN and WARMTH that we will go without! ;-)

I don't know how to pack for sunshine and warmth! I've lived in Sweden for so long, my wardrobe is sadly lacking in that kind of thing! :P

(no subject) - (Anonymous)

Did you get my email? yes on the crashing or the day after if you prefer. Dress for the party: nice casual :)


Oh Boy....I get to meet another of your Blog friends! Why have you been so silent about this?! Love, Lizardmom

We just worked it out! :)

Hope you're having a simply marvelous time! Travel safe, and we'll make sure you have plenty of reading material awaiting your return. :-)


Have fun at your sister's place. Can't wait to hear all about it.

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