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The only thing brighter than pumpkins is the smiles on the faces of your children as they are each choosing the biggest and best one in the patch for their very own. I wonder why no one has ever investigated the pumpkin as an alternate source of light? They make the day shine brighter by their very existence!

Looking for the Great Pumpkin
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wow! thats in sweden?! who knew!

:) Pumpkins get bigger and cooler every year here. Now people are starting to know what to do with them, as well!

The pumpkins are out already?!?

They had to get them out of the fields, they were drowning, but it was actually a lot nicer this way! :) And it sure made for some great photos!


Ah. The perfect sight to start autumn with. Thanks, Liz.


That is such a great shot of Martin picking a pumpkin. What a field!


Another Grandkid pumpkin photo to add to my collection! I'll need a printable copy please! My guest room will be changed to "The Pumpkin Room"! Love, Lizardmom


Great photos!


Some were by me, some by Anders, and some were by Karin :)

One Pumpkin to rule them all, One Pumpkin to find them
One Pumpkin to bring them all and in the darkness (*) bind them.

(*) It won't work if you make a Jack-o-Lantern out of the pumpkin.

Such fun pictures. Looks like you all had a great time. I would be hard pressed to find a pumpkin field like that in these parts. Interesting to know that Sweden has them; I thought it was an exclusively American thing...

Also, this picture of you and Martin is just beautiful:

Fabulous pictures!

That is one perfect photo. And what a field of pumpkins! I agree. Bean is drawn to them everywhere we go. He must hold one in his arms, he cannot simply look.

click the link, there are even more!

ooh, ooh, look, he's getting the bestest pumpkin of all!!! :-)

Fabulous pics :)

I think this is one of the best photo series I've seen from anyone in a really long time. They capture a day so brilliantly!

oooh. oooh. I've been away a LONG time. I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. So much has happened. So much. We need to catch up.

By the way, these pictures ROCK!!


O, Liz... you look radiate. Just beautiful! Whatever you're doing, keep doing it!

xo Wee

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