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Today, in its loosely defined state of 33 hours awake so far, involved 3 airplanes, 9 hours total of layover/airport-wait time and a train, plus two 50-pound suitcases.

I am very glad to be home.

Things I boggled at, the short list: The Butt Hut (bwahahahaha!), ketchup-flavored potato chips, THE PRICES, the fact that I spent an hour and a half in the bookstore and came away with ONE BOOK for myself, the amount of strip malls in America, the variety of goodies on the market with Reese's name on them.

Things I wanted to eat while in the States and did: Chicken Artichoke Scallopini at Macaroni Grill, pumpkin pie, Fritos and salmon dip

Things I wanted to eat while in the States and didn't: pumpkin ice cream, soup at Panera

Things I had never eaten before that I was introduced to this trip, that were really good: Barbeque pulled pork sandwiches, my brother-in-law's famous homemade pizza

Hair Color I was surrounded by all week which made me insanely envious: GOLDEN COPPERY RED - my sister, her newlywed husband, their daughter, their son

Something that made me go Hmmmm: When I moved to Sweden, I remember thinking how very strange it was that at any event, the people arriving go around the room and shake hands, introducing themselves to everyone who has already arrived. Now, being back in the States (after 11 years of indoctrination), and being at a party, it strikes me as incredibly rude that people don't do that as a matter of course.

So many happenings and things and impressions and people (hi Rée!) this past week that my head is an absolute whirl. Awhirl.

I expect I shall collapse and sleep like the dead any moment now, and since I have to work tomorrow I should probably set about making my collapse as comfortable as possible, so hasta la vista, babies, more later!
mood: exhausted
music: airplane engine tinnitus


Interesting observation about the party behavior. At first I was really thrown by the Swedish habit of introducing themselves because I thought it meant I was expected to *remember* who everyone was. Once I realized there would be no quiz later, I was much more comfortable with the practice. But I still think Americans are better at mingling with strangers than Swedes are. Sven and Anna may introduce themselves to you when they arrive, but that's often the only interaction you'll have with them the entire night.

Not always, but there is sure some truth in what you say :)

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