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Who's on Facebook? And why? What are you doing there?

Do we all really have this much time to fart around on the internet? Good lord, what did we DO with ourselves back in the dark ages? Remember board games? I miss those.


Do you have "pet names" for things in your house or food or stuff that you refer to when your kids or your significant other are around by words or names other than their real ones?

The kids call my imported sugar-free cherry Kool-Aid Mama's Saft (Mama's juice). And we call summer sausage "pricky korv" because it's prickig korv in Swedish (polka-dotted sausage). Even when speaking English, we all refer to cottage cheese by its Swedish moniker: keso. For some reason I'm only coming up with food examples, but you must get the idea.


Things I have to do soon
  • edit wedding photos for my sister
  • finish the AWC directory layout
  • figure out where to put the antique sideboard cabinet we're getting tomorrow from my sister-in-law
  • water the plants
  • write a real post
  • acquire some easy-to-understand-and-use home budgeting software
  • finish the content transfer for the new AWC site
  • update the calendar with all the upcoming stuff
  • send out the Halloween trick-or-treating letter to the neighbors
  • beat Geena at Scrabulous

Looking Forward To: sushi and a cozy evening hanging out with brief_therapy

Tasteless But Oh So Funny: Bizarro on the Couch

Burning Bundles (from all the candles) of Belated Birthday Wishes to galestorm and sealwhiskers!
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music: Anne Heaton—Give In To You


We play board games on Facebook! Otherwise I just respond in kind to people and hope I'm not making a fool of myself.

We call Oreos "mama's cookies" and there were also Papa's cookies, though they weren't as frequently purchased and I now can't be sure if they were pepparkakor or something else. The cars are Nisse (even Anders calls it that now) and Calle. G only half-jokingly refers to my refried beans as dog food. "Oh, mama's having dog food for lunch" he'll say to the children. For obvious reasons, I'm not so fond of that one.

I always referred to refried beans, when my roommates in college had them, as "mud" :D

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lizardek's obiter photos

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