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After doing the Swedish style thing for 10 years, my sister and her significant other, Tom, tied the knot at the end of last month. I'm so glad I was able to be there and to be a part of the festivities. Congratulations, my beeg leetle seester!

To Love and Cherish

It's a Nice Day for a Navy Wedding: Rachel, Sarah, Bryce, Tom

Why My Mom Hates Photo Shoots

He Cleans Up Nice, Doesn't He?

Lizardmom in Grandma Mode with Bryce and Rachel


Fine & Flowering Birthday Wishes to beziigebij and a Basket of Belated Ones to gissa!
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lovely pics! so nice to finally see the lizards!
the kids look very "british" to me. esp the boy. is he off to hogwarts soon? :-)


Mostly Irish & Scottish blood with a little English and German thrown in there. He would love the excitment of Hogwarts. Lizardmom

How do YOU know what Hogwarts is, Mom?!

Even despite the silly picture, you looked beautiful! :)

: )

all that gorgeous HAIR!!

You are the family of GORGEOUS HAIR!!!

Thanks for sharing all these pictures-- everyone looks SO happy.



So sweet! What happy family moments you've shared here. Your sister and her family are just GORGEOUS - Bryce in particular makes me SMILE. I love little red headed boys - reminds me of my little brother, when he was still small enough for me to boss around.


Thanks, Liz.

The pictures are so joyous. Wonderful.


Beautiful pictures!! Looks like a lot of fun.


Great pics Liz, and best wishes to the happy family! :)

As a side note... your link to 'Swedish style thing' piqued my curiosity and got me started on an hour long web-based journey, exploring link after link relating to Scandinavia, then Iceland, and finally Vigdis Finnbogadottir. LOL, enjoyable reading on subjects I hadn't previously considered. ;)

Great pictures!
Great freckles! :)

What a great looking family and I'm sure you were glad you could be with them for their wedding day. I like the Navy wedding . . .

And that would be "navy" as in the color not "Navy" like my brother served in . . . 10 PM is too late for me to be posting correctly.


Thank you to all the well wishers and the complimenters!!! Thanks mucho more to my Seester for coming and being so great with photos! :)
Love your Beeg, Leetle, red headed, Seester.

Did you get the zip file??


Yep and already printed the one we are sending with the thank you's so expect yours in the mail soon. :)

What great photos! And yes, as BP said, the HAIR! :)

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