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Too much going on which is calling me away from here right now. I'm around—just not very vocal, it seems. I'd write a list of what's going on this week/month/season but I suspect everyone would just yawn and be all "yeah, you're busy, what else is new?"

If you had just gotten a big wooden sideboard with 2 drawers and 2 cabinet doors on the front with carved apples with leaves in squares in the center of them, what color would you paint it? It's currently white, which we don't want. Anders suggested grey (probably to stave off my penchant for painting the furniture green or blue) and I thought maybe light grey and dark grey would work really nicely...the kids insist the apples have to be red and the leaves have to be green. Hrm.

Sometimes I feel like I have nothing to write about, really. Sometimes I feel like everything I have to say is trite. Sometimes it seems that I have SO MUCH to write about that it all snarls up in my hands and my head and gets stuck. All valid reasons for not writing anything, I suppose, but no excuse.

Am hungry, despite a decent dinner. Restraining myself from snacking. Why is that harder than just about anything else? Why does just writing about this make my stomach protest all the harder that it's could probably hear it from there if you listened hard enough.

Had a massage today. It was good but not as good as my husband's when he really puts his mind to it. No one else seems to hit the sore spots in my neck and shoulders the way he does. And it can't be a good sign that my shoulders were STILL hurting afterwards, can it? Maybe I should go ambush him with sad puppydog eyes. After all, he hasn't given me a backrub since before I went to the States.

Gotta go. Stuff to do that ain't getting done while I'm checking in here.

God, what a lame post.

Really Great Writing Out There Right Now: Never teach your kids to read
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Oh yeah, you're lame woman! HA!
Go get that backrub!!

Do you know, I DIDN'T do it? I AM lame. Maybe I'll ask tonight, instead. :)

Do, ask tonight. And I envy you the live in back rubber!
My monthly massage was supposed to be today, but my massage therapist called in sick : (
I got my achy muscles through the week by telling them, "massage on Friday, massage on Friday."
Well instead I cleaned the bathtub and had a good long soak with bath salts.

Oh don't we all have those times when there is so much to write about but you don't feel like writing it out or you don't feel like others want to see it. That's kind of where I was a few weeks ago.

I think the gray sounds nice . . . I get the kids wanting green leaves and red apples. What if you switched it? Oooh blow their little minds!

green apples and red leaves? there's a thought! :D

nothing to write about? at least you post. there are those of use that are so lame we hardly ever post! i admire you for it, and i have to contest and say i have yet to find one of your entries lame. painting wise i have the same weakness and would suggest something along the sage green line, though you could always paint the apples red and green like the kids want, but just make them look weathered so the colors blend more.

You're not lame, you're BUSY! :) Weathering the apples is a good idea.

and you aren't?!? (busy that is)

yes, but I don't have a toddler :)


I think in some ways this post is perfect because we've all been there and can totally relate to feeling overwhelmed and blank at the same time. It always feels good to know I'm not the only one :) So thanks for sharing, beautiful. I'm dealing with my own dose of busy but come next week, I should have more time to pop in and savor your words.


Do you know, your posts sort of buoy me up for DAYS? Especially the ones with photos. And the ones with food. And the ones with, um, words.

i liked this "lame" post. have gone around thinking of colors to paint, but knowing you it's probably already painted and dried by now. and a second coat on too. :) personally, i like "antique white" or "antique grey" (whatever it's called). but that's almost white. i'm a boring swede. :)

Ha! this paint job is on my LOW-priority list for the moment. :) Too much else in the way, first! And you are NOT a boring Swede.

I totally agree Liz! Kejn hasn't been boring since I've met her... although that's only been what, a year or two maybe? ;)

I enjoy both of your journals, whether the posts are "exciting" ones, or about day to day life... and sometimes I stay busy enough with my own life, and take a 6-12 month leave of absence from LJ. Don't even read min mor's journal at those times.

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