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What is with the increase in spam? I never used to get spam on my yahoo address and now it's barreling in. And why does YahooMail feel the need to make me click YES DAMMIT twice by asking me if I'm sure (are you sure? are you? huh? huh?) if I want to delete everything in my Spam folder?! If I didn't want to delete it, I'd MOVE it, YahooMail...DUH. Argh.

Also, I cannot believe I lost a game of Scrabulous despite coming up with the word QUAHOG on a triple letter score. How depressing!

Mmmmm...melty Brie. While I was in the States, we made a trip to Sam's Club to buy stuff for the wedding "reception" (for which, read informal barbeque buffet in the backyard) and while we were scoping out the shrimp cocktail options, my mom decided we really needed to have some cheese on the table. Did I mention that there was enough food already planned to feed half of St. Louis? Well, we ended up with enough to feed THE WHOLE CITY, but regardless, this man said to us, O! You must take a wheel of Brie and cut the top off. And then add brown sugar and cinnamon and sliced almonds and maybe throw some walnuts in there. Stick it in the oven, or zap it in the microwave for 30 seconds, (and do it again if it's not quite the right melty consistency) and the white crusty rind will HOLD THE MELTY GOODNESS IN just like a bowl! and oh! You can just heat it up again later if it gets cold and it's not all gone. And I said, whoa whoa whoa doggie, we don't need all those nuts and sugar and cinnamon on there...we'll destroy the integrity of the Brie. And I was right. And it was GOOOOOOOOOOOOD.

So I served it again yesterday to book group. I ate a salad for dinner, and then I made a feasty spread that included the following: melty Brie in its own built-in bowl with chive crackers, Carciofi & Capperi* with Ritz crackers, a little bowl of "candy" tomatos and a little bowl of radishes, a bowl of chopped up garlic beer sausage, a big bowl of cubed cantelope and nectarine with blueberries scattered all over it, a giant bowl of glisteningly plump seedless green grapes, chocolate brownie petits fours, cinnamon pastry creme wafer cookies and German hazelnut cream wafer cookies. You should have been there. And not just for the food. I love my book group. I should have taken photos a la bohemian girl but I was in a hurry what with the preparations and cleanup before everyone arrived, darn it.

Tomorrow we're going to see the Halloween festivities as Tivoli. They started this last year, and from what I heard, did a superb job, so I'm really looking forward to it. I was in Copenhagen all day Wednesday for a big event at work, and after the conference part of the day was over, we were hanging out in a colleague's hotel room for an hour, killing time until dinner, and the windows looked out over Tivoli. It was all lit up with orange lights and there was a HUGE blow-up pumpkin grinning down from the top of the highest tower ride. Despite the fact that Halloween is only a few weeks away, we have no costume ideas thought out, and I still haven't done the trick-or-treating invitation letter for the neighborhood.

My eyes have been bad all day, and getting worse. and it hasn't helped sitting at the computer for 8 hours at work, and then some more at home, plus reading. I can't even see what I'm typing right now. Good thing I took that touch-typing class in 8th grade, eh? Just call me Squinty McBlurryson.

Both Martin and Karin had birthday parties this evening. Martin's was a disco, and Karin's was a pizza party. She felt that a bright purple/yellow/red tie-dyed tshirt, black arm sweatbands, and jeans tucked into skull socks (so! very! 80s!) was appropriate party attire and I ddin't feel like arguing with her.

*I don't know what to call this stuff. It's not a dip and it's not really a spread, as such. It's chopped up artichokes, capers, red and yellow peppers in olive oil with herbs. It's delicious.
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Saint Louis? How did I not get that you were in St. Louis? Hey, My grown son was in St. Louis too. Visiting his dad. About the time you were. He was that gorgeous 30ish young man you saw walking down the street with some older dude I used to like a hundred or so years ago.

Heh. Well, I was actually outside of St. Charles, which is outside of St. Louis. We never made it into the city at all (I've been there several times before, though)

Another Scrabulous fan!

Isn't it just fabulous? If you want another person to play with, you can start a game with my login at as your email play partner.

Re: Another Scrabulous fan!

I didn't come up with you via a search...are you on Facebook?

Long time viewer

I haven't really setup a Facebook account yet. I have Tribe and Orkut and OKCupid and on and on. I've been reading your journal for about three years now - can't remember whose friend of friend you were. But I enjoy seeing how it is to live in Sweden. I'm over near Seattle, WA.


Tivoli! I can't wait to see it. I'm going to go with a group of my American friends next weekend, after we visit the pumpkin patch in Bjärred. Sounds like so much fun!


We just got home, it was great!

mmm. all that food sounds amazing and the veggie thing i would probably call tapenade, although i realize that there aren't any olives in it.

I just went looking up tapenade and discovered that olives seem to be an essential part of it, but the entry on Wikipedia led me to relish, which is definitely what the food item in question is. :)

ah, yes, relish makes sense! :)

Ha, when you started talking about Tivoli, I was thinking, she's going to Italy for Halloween? I had to look up what you were talking about. :o)

LOL! Tivoli is right over the water from us, in Copenhagen. I thought it was well enough known that I didn't have to explain, so sorry about that. :)

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