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zird is the word [userpic]
  • Seen in an online article today</b>: "I hope I have peaked your interest..." AAAAGH!

  • Swenglish/Svengelska in use at our house: pricky korv
Anders' additions to the grocery list after I asked him to email me the things he wanted:
  • meatballs

  • rökt korv

  • tomatoes

  • red ducati 999R
In other news, one of my very good friends here in Sweden told me today that she's pregnant. :) She was just bursting with happiness and mood swings. We were pregnant at the same time (me with Karin) in 1999, and we were both the most miserable pregnant women that ever existed on the face of the planet. She's obviously undergone a mindscrub to remove the memories.

mood: happy
music: The The—This is the Day


Who is that?

Well, it's not YOU, so breathe easy :) LOL! (It's Angie)

Well, it had better not be me. :)

A motorcycle and tomators. :) I like!

Hahahahah!! that was MY typo, not his! :)

Darn! That was the best part. ;)

It is a beautiful day!

Don't get me started on the misuse of the English language!

If she does, we'll all get involved! I'm an editor, and I _know_ galestorm and reebert and several others will all have some great (read: frightening) examples. :)

Bring 'em on! I'm an editor, too, even if I do miss a typo now and then, LOL! :)

Got you all beat, I work for lawyers!

Ooooh, that "peaked your interest" is one of my pet peeves!

guess it could be worse, it could be "peeked" !!!

Egad, don't even! (You might put me in a fit of pique! ha ha)

I swear I'm going to tape record my friends when they have kids to remind them of how they complained whilst pregnant and immediately after giving birth and then play it back to them when they're considering having another... ;)

If that doesn't 'peek' their curiousity I don't know what will...

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