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My stomach hurts.

I blew off choir tonight because of it. The first time I could go, and I'm missing it, but you know what? I'm just not in the mood for it, and the upset stomach was the straw to my camel's back. We finally found a choir leader but she started 2 weeks ago and one of those weeks was cancelled because her kid was sick. It's 2.5 months into the term and the choir has only met once! :( And I'm feeling like it's not even worth it to go this term. Maybe I should just wait until January, since the next few months are so crazy busy as it is.

There's more...of course there's more! I haven't posted since, what? Sunday...but I'm just not in the mood to talk or write.


One for the Scrabble Addicts: To scratch or dig with hands or claws
mood: sick
music: none. just me.


aww... hugs!

chill, silly stomach

So, I gather fall is a stressful time?
ouch on the tummy ache, I hate that, there is rarely anything to do or take for it, ony option is to wait it out.

The good news (?) is that it's probably not what I've got. Mine is achy bones, deep down achy bones that won't stop aching. But no upset tummy. Not even sniffles.

Of course the bad news is that you're not feeling well and that's just not acceptable.

A riff off your Scrabble post:

A great "alternative" way to play Scrabble is "Pit Scrabble." (If you've ever played the game Pit, you'll understand this quickly.) It needs at least four players.

All players draw seven tiles. When everyone has had a chance to review their tiles, someone rings a small bell or otherwise announces that the market is open.

Every player quickly and loudly offers to trade tiles with other players, face down. They offer by shouting out the number of tiles they're willing to trade. ("Two! Two! Two! I need two!") When two players agree on a number, they exchange that number of tiles. At any time, a player may ring the bell (or otherwise announce that the market is suspended). That player must then immediately play a word to the board, as in standard Scrabble. The word is scored according to standard Scrabble scoring, and that player draws new tiles. When the new tiles have been drawn, the bell is rung or the announcement is made that the market is back open.

There is no "turn" sequence. Any player at any time may suspend trading, play a word, and score points -- even if they just did so a second earlier.

I find this works best if everyone actually gets ten or twelve tiles instead of seven.

Har! I used to play "Philadelphia Scrabble" with a friend and her family when I was a had one additional rule. If you could provide a good-enough definition for your word, it had to be accepted. It made for some hilarious games.

If I were you, I would take this term off from choir. Now, of course, I'm not in the choir and I know how much you love(d) going but I somehow have the impression that won't be the only time practice gets canceled and it is a very busy time of year. I would think returning in January would be much nicer.

the straw to my camel's back

You have a camel's back?

Would that be one hump or two?

If it was two I'd be dromedary. I think. Now I need to go look that up.

"A Bactrian has a single hump, a dromedary two.
Or is it the other way around?
I'm never quite sure. Are you?"
— Ogden Nash

I hoped that cleared that up!

I was going to make a pun about the antibiotic Bactrine for you camel back, but that would be unfair in your delicate state. It WAS morning sickness, wasn't it?

Morning sickness?!?! Where's your head chopping userpic when I need it??

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