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I honestly don't remember the last time I was this sick. I've spent the majority of the past 72 hours huddled in a ball, fully dressed with 2 thick sweatshirts on, under 3 heavy blankets...shivering. If I'm NOT shivering, I'm sweating and throwing everything madly off. If I'm not sweating OR shivering I'm laying poleaxed with a headache and a sharp pain in my shoulders and neck as they try to crawl up around the top of my head where shoulders and neck have no right to be.

My cheekbones feel like sharp glass.

My throat keeps surprising me with abrupt coughs that hurt more than I think is strictly necessary. I actually cleaned the already clean toilet yesterday JUST IN CASE, but so far, thank god, have not had to throw up though some of the coughing has been violent enough to make me worry.

Lying in bed, I could hear this strange squeaking airy noise and after listening for awhile realized that it was my lungs WHEEZING.

My standard answer to anything anyone asks or says to me is uhhhn.

Bleah, I say.

I would like this to be over now.
mood: sick
music: cough hack wheeze


oh my..i hope you feel better soon! colds like that are so awful :(

ugh! :-( poor creature!

I would like this to be over now.

You and me, baby. The twin sister of your flu is living with me at the moment. I have never been this sick either in all the years I've been in Sweden. I've even lost my voice (L-G is loving it - bastard keeps ringing me up just to hear the croak)

I hope you start feeling better again really soon.

I wouldn't wish this horror on anyone. I'm praying my family escapes. Hope you feel better soon, too.

You are so much nicer than I am - I could actually think of a few people I would wish this on. :)

Hope you are better today. I think my throat has improved slightly, so there is a slight light at the end of the tunnel.

nope, though the fever/chills seem to be over. The coughing and sore throat are getting worse, though. Ugh.

That sounds horrible, I hope you'll get better soon!


So sorry to hear that you are that ill. I'm sending healing energy tonight. Love, Lizardmom

Oh sweetie! Feel better! I HATE being sick. I wish I could wave a wand and make you feel better. Virtual hugs to you!

Oh goodness you poor thing!! *hugs*

get beddar soon!

*hugs* Hope you are soon on the mend, this sounds horrible. :(

Get well soon! Make tea with Thyme, it's great for coughs!


o no! I would like it to be over too. I'm hopeful that as this is Monday and you wrote this on Saturday, that iit is inded over. Or at least starting to be over.

Get better! Speeding speedy recovery thoughts to you in Sweden along with love and TLC,
xo wee

Actually, it's NOT over. I was home sick again today, and am contemplating even staying tomorrow though I need to go to the doctor as I am beginning to suspect pneumonia again. bleargh.

Here's positive thoughts for a speedy recovery Liz. No fun being a sick parent... we're supposed to take care of the kids! I bet Karin and Martin are trying to help nurse momma back to health though, aren't they? ;)

Have you been taking plenty of vitamin C, zinc and echinacea? I'd go with at least 1.000mg of the vit. C and 7,5mg of Zinc, twice a day. Not sure how much echinacea though...

*healthy thoughts to you*


Hope you're feeling better! Sorry you're so sick, that's really a bummer. You didn't go to WORK on Monday, did you?

Nope. Nor Tuesday. Nor the rest of this week, most likely. :(


Oh, sweet Liz, I'm sorry you've been sick! See, now it's Tuesday and so I am hoping that you are feeling more like yourself. I am sending you yummy fruit smoothie and steaming chicken soup thoughts.


I'm feeling better (no fever! no aches! no chills!) but am definitely still not well (sore throat, hacking cough, lost voice). Went to the doctor today and it's a toss-up between strep and pneumonia so I'm on antibiotics and staying home at least a few more days. sigh.

Ah, poor lizard. *rubs back soothingly*

THAT'S what I need!!

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