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67 kids, 61 adults and 3 hours of running around a huge indoor playplace. The only bummer was that the big bags of American candy I had brought were completely forgotten and didn't get put out for the party. So I'll be bringing candy to AWC events in the future, until it's all gone. Karin won first prize for best costume with her "Mummy Karate Kid" that she thought up and planned herself. Martin was a "Boy of Summer" and I? Was a Magic 8-Ball! Whenever someone asked me what I was supposed to be, I said (in my very gravelly post-flu voice) "Reply hazy, try again" and then laughed like a maniac. Anders went as a member of the SWAT team, complete with flyswatter tied around his neck.

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You didn't show us the "swat" team!

He took these pics and we didn't get a good one with him in it. He just had "SWAT" across a black sweatshirt and a flyswatter tied around his neck :D

My sister says you are brilliant (which I already knew, of course) and is totally taking her kids out on Wednesday as a Magic 8 Ball. She sends her many thanks!!!

Congrats to Karin for first place!

Isn't that hilarious? I have to confess I found the idea on the internet...where else? :D

Congrats to Karin and great pics! :)


I'm glad you're keeping Halloween alive and well in the north end. Great idea, Karin! And you're looking pretty svelte these days, Mrs. Ek, if I can be permitted a leer from far away...


Oh, we are allowed to notice Liz's figure? I was thinking along the same lines... *weg* ;)

me too!!! :)

oh stop, you all are making me blush!!

Me three!

Let's see a photo of YOU! I bet you look just as good :)

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The 8-Ball made me giggle maniacally!!

I totally got your costume as soon as I saw it, and you're looking good in it too!

The adults all laughed. The kids just gave me puzzled looks, but it was a lot easier to explain mine than another friend who went as "white trash" and had to explain THAT to her kids!

Great costumes? Signs point to yes. ;-)

I used that line, too! So funny!

Oh, Martin dressed up as M! ;) Love the magic 8 ball costume. :)

Hee! Thanks :)


Love the shots, you look stunning!

All really great costumes! Love the magic 8 ball!! hahaha

And you are looking very slim! Go you!!

Isn't that hilarious!! I laughed so hard when I found the idea. My kids think I'm nuts :D

how much weight have you lost, woman? you look amazing!

but isn't that marijuana leaves around martin's neck?? :-D

Nearly 12 kilos. I've been going up and down on the last kilo for MONTHS. But I still have a LONG way to go.

And NO it's not marijuana leaves! Those have 5 points. This is a MANLY HAWAIIAN LEI!


I think you ALL had great creative ideas for costumes! Loved the photos. I miss Halloween too- since no one trick or treats out where I live (in the woods). I used to so enjoy having the kids come round - and telling them to perform something so they could get their treat! Love, Lizardmom

Your kids are so photogenic. I love Karin's costume.

Cute! And congrats to Karin for winning 1st place!

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