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I'm at Hotel Tylösand, on the west coast of Sweden, relaxing. We had a work event during the day, a conference at which we discussed our company culture, which has come to us top down, from the management team, who has decided what our core values will be. They are
  • passion
  • respect
  • responsibility
No one agrees with "passion," and we've suggested several alternatives: enthusiasm, motivation, engagement, commitment...but they keep insisting that passion is the right word for what they want their employees to feel for their work, their products, the company and our customers. Umm.

Had an hour long massage awhile ago, and feel all loose and mellow. We have dinner at 8:30 p.m. and then are going to be hanging out in Leif's Lounge. I forgot to bring a leisure suit with me, though.


I forgot to bring a leisure suit with me, though. Well...maybe you could go in your "birthday suit" *grin*

Re: passion. When I think of passion I think:
1. Strong or intense feeling or emotion
2. Something that is desired intensely
3. An irrational but irresistible motive for a belief or action
4. A feeling of strong sexual desire
5. Any object of warm affection or devotion

It can also have negative connotations, too. One can be passionately ANGRY with something (as in a rage). Doesn't really sound like some emotion to associate with business.

thanks for the excellent definitions. *loads ammunition*

Hmpff. They tried to pull the passion-one on us too, but I think we've managed to vote that down and replaced it with "engagemang" - whatever the correct translation for that might be. Engagement sounds like something completely different to me...

But our argument was that if you're supposed to spend your passion at work, you'll just burn out. Passion is what you have in your spare time, so you have the energy to engage in your work. To demand passion from me in my work-situation is a violation of my private life - to be brutally honest.

"If a person's passion is work, then that person needs to get a life."

What does your company do? I could agree on passion if you work for Amnesty International, Save the Children, the Red Cross or something like that. But nobody should have to have a "passion" for commercial products, that's silly!


I think the correct meaning would be commitment and that sounds MUCH more like something that could be considered desirable in a work environment.

"If a person's passion is work, then that person needs to get a life." I totally agree!

Commitment. I could have thought of that. If it hadn't been Friday night... ;)

I agree, Jenny, it's awfully hard to work up a passion for short-range radio technology intellectual property products. They're not even REAL products! They're the blueprints FOR the CHIPS that make the products. Totally and completely unexciting in that contest. If it were the actual consumer products, we might be able to get more excited about it, but passion is just way too strong a word.

I think your management needs to set up their office in the real world, instead of Lala-land where they seem to be at now... After all their staff all seem to be in the real world, right?

They can't expect passion from you, and they can't force it upon you because they want it to be so. It's not a core value because they say so.

Agh - bosses...

hehehe, leisure suit...

and whoa, that sounds like the best buisness trip ever!

I'm so jealous of your massage! haha

Wow, what a great business trip! Hope you're having a good time in the lounge, even without the leisure suit!

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