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Here's what I think: Despite the very attractive and addictive qualities of sites like facebook and twitter I like blogging better. I think it was more fun before, when people took more time to read and to visit and to comment. Nowadays it feels as if everyone is beginning to be stretched thin and burning out on the whole internet togetherness thing. 140 character soundbites do not allow me to feel close to anyone, even if that is about how much time I really have available for online interaction.

That doesn't mean I will quit any of the other sites where I have a presence, but it does mean that I am planning to try and be present HERE more than I have been, because this is where I feel most at home. If that means I am somewhat LESS present at those other sites, so be it. My own personal "write more" crusade is coinciding with Nablopomo or whatever it's called but I'm not officially on that bandwagon (though I'm always glad for anything that makes the people I love to read write more)

Aside/ I just stopped over to the new Nablopomo blog and there are 3841 people signed up! Good lord! You all are insane /end aside, begin boggling

I just had a mild panic attack at the fact that it is (already) November and that means time has suddenly shunted into a vortex wherein it speeds up and suddenly it's Christmas and OMG I have shopping to do! presents to buy! cards to write! aaagh! *wheeze wheeze* Why does it seem that everything happens in the last 3 months of the year??

We had an appointment at the bank today to move some mutual funds and the woman kept asking us what we'd like to do with the money and made several suggestions about different funds and insurance thingies and stock obligation doohickeys and the whole time I felt like I was staring at her as if she had two heads and they were both speaking Greek. Because that's how money/stock/fund/interest talk comes out. As if she was Miss Othmar and I was Charlie Brown: mwamp mwah mwham mwhamp

It makes me feel stupid that I am so clueless when it comes to stocks and bonds and funds and my potential pension and I just want to bury my head in the sand like a spastic ostrich. It's depressing to have such a handicap when it comes to these things: I feel I have no clue what the future holds or how to turn it to my advantage (our advantage, really) when it comes to how we could be earning/using/saving money in a better way. Do you feel like that? Or do you know what you're doing when you re-finance a loan or look at the stock market figures? DO you look at the stock market figures? Do you know what you're seeing if you do? And if so, did you have to take a class or did you figure it out yourself?

I wish it weren't so dark out now that we've switched to winter time. It's just barely getting light when I leave the house in the mornings and it's getting dark when I leave the office at FOUR in the afternoon! Already! And it's 2 months to the solstice! The leaves have all exploded onto the ground in fiery showers of gold and molten leaves but because it's so wet out they're dark, too. The ground is soggy and the leaves are piled up in big sodden piles. The tilled fields look like dark chocolate. My mouth actually waters as I drive through the gloaming. I think I shall go furtively gobble a leftover Halloween Tootsie Roll.

In the car on the way home today, I listened to a radio announcer giving a history lesson on Halloween for the benefit of his Swedish audience. He (and his sidekick both) expressed amazement at the realization that Halloween is NOT of American origin. I wanted to yell DUH! at the radio. I can't count how many times I've been handed dismissive comments by Swedes about how Americans thought up Halloween and are spreading it all over the world in the interest of making money off of innocent children, etc. etc. when all the time they should have been blaming their fellow Europeans! We just refined the holiday, we didn't think it up! :P
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I feel I have no clue what the future holds or how to turn it to my advantage (our advantage, really) when it comes to how we could be earning/using/saving money in a better way. Do you feel like that?


mwamp mwah mwham mwhamp...

It's sad, isn't it?

Oh, Liz! Don't feel bad about the financial stuff. They go to school for ages to learn their stuff. We went to school and learned other stuff. It's totally acceptable for us to say, "Well, we don't understand this as well as you do, and we have to focus our time elsewhere (our own jobs, kids, problems, etc.) but we understand that the financial stuff is important. So please use your knowledge and help us invest/save/refinance mortgages/etc. in such a way that will be the best use of our money so we're not old with no jobs and no money, thank you!" :)

That's what they do. That's what they're paid for. I'm just learning that myself. That it's okay to have someone else do my taxes (which I wouldn't in Sweden, cuz they're way easy) when I live in one country and earn small tidbits of money in both the one I'm living in, and another, both of which have quite complicated tax rules. (Particularly the US, the stinkers!)

Heck! I've just recently learned that I can let other people CUT MY HAIR! Stunning! And if I pick the right place to go to, I don't look like an idiot! It's amazing! :)

I totally understand your facebook thing, too, btw. Though perhaps there will still be a bit of Scrabulous now and then? :)

You make me feel better AND you make me laugh!

And yes, I'm definitely still up for Scrabulous! :D

I feel exactly the same way regarding Internet communities, sites, blogging etc...

LJ is where it's at!

Not just LJ, but blogging in general :)

Nablopomo is one post a day for the month of November, right? I should make myself do that. I always want to write more often but it doesn't always happen.

As for the financial stuff, if I really put my mind to it, I can follow along. I worked at an insurance company for three years in the retirement accounts division and while there, I did take a crash course and learn about funds and risk and took the exam so I could talk to people about their choices. Not advise, just talk about what the funds were invested in and how high a risk they were. It gave me enough of an understanding to feel like I really don't want to know more. I find it deathly boring. And I don't have so much money in my accounts to make playing around with it interesting. For a while I was in this investment club with some of the people I worked with and that was more interesting because we pooled our money and it wasn't retirement accounts, it was cash. Someone else did the research because they were into it and the rest of us could just say, yeah, cool! But a day trader I'll never be.

That would be nice to find a group like that where someone who knew what they were doing took care of the investment end of things. My mom suggested checking my network to see if someone could recomment a stockbroker here too.

I have to admit that I'm addicted to Scrabulous, so don't you dare opt out of that! I thought of you earlier this evening when I used the word "barky" :)

I'm a bit split about lj. Sometimes I really like it and other times I feel bored by the validation therapy that some seem to thrive on. On balance, I prefer blogging to something like Facebook, which gets a bit silly. People keep sending me things that I neither want nor do I want the 10,000 applications that seem a bit juvenile. But I've made contact with people I don't see online otherwise, so it has its uses.

At the moment, I'm just too busy painting, wallpapering, waxing the boat and getting over my strep throat to be online that much.

I'm not quitting Scrabulous, it's a lot of fun to play online with people :) Even ones who come up with words like AZIDO.

I agree that Facebook is silly. Most of it does seem rather juvenile, but I guess when you consider that it was originally developed for college kids...I've also made contact with a few folks I don't have contact with otherwise.

Are you over the strep yet? I STILL have a frog in my throat!

I've been thinking about the exploding Halloween interest in Sweden, and even though I realise that much of the hoopla is due to the mercantilers who just wants us to buy stuff, I keep thinking that it wouldn't catch on like it has if we didn't (desperately?) crave some sort of holiday around now when it's so far until Advent and Christmas and it's always and forever dark outside. I mean we've not had a real holiday since Midsummer!

Just my two cents.

Glad to see you decide to stick to LJ and not devote more time at other internet based sites. I've only had a Facebook for two weeks and I'm already bored with it. Well, not counting Scrabulous. Congrats on the win!

You might be right about Halloween filling the holiday gap between midsummer and jul...especially since you don't have any Thanksgiving in there either. I agree with you that Facebook seems a bit...I don't know...silly, but I do like Scrabulous! :)

I understand my personal and my business finances and I pretty much understand all the tax rules which apply to them, and that's enough for me. I don't know anything about stocks, but then I don't invest any money because I think it's too risky.

And I agree about the LJ/Facebook thing. Facebook is nice to stay in contact with people and of course for Srabulous ;-), but other than that there's not much to it.

I wish I knew more about investments, though I suppose I don't wish it enough to actually DO something about it! :P

I totally can relate to that Charlie Brown teacher reference!

It made me giggle!


Oh girl! I hear you about the finance stuff. I know I should be thinking about the future but I can hardly wrap my head around the now. As for Facebook... I knew I shouldn't have signed up because it's just one more thing to check in a day. I'm with you on spending more time on the blog (which is why I'm one of the crazies who joined NaBloPoMo :)


You're right, facebook is a time-suck...especially if you get into playing Scrabulous :) And I'm GLAD you're joining Nablopomo! More Bohemian girl! Yay!


o... I so hear you on the other internet distractions. I joined Facebook a while ago, but I dunno... I just don't get it. And then there was one guy (an old Diaryland buddy) who was particualrly enthusiastic and kept filling up my in box with the most inane stuf and now I have completely forgotten my password and couldn't care less. And what you say about being stretched too thin to keep up these days is soooooo true of me. I decided recently that I needed to spend more time on my real life than my virtual life earlier this summer and that I needed to focus my energy more on stuff like art and yoga and now it's like whenn I so have time to blog, there's so much that has hapened, so much to tell, that I feel exhaustd before I even start writing. And sigh... keeping up with everyone's blogs is not an easy thing to do these days either... I read, but rarely comment. And all the new blogs I have added to my daily list? I have never commented on any of them.

The blogosphere is shifting as it grows. I suppose that's a natural progression, but it's a little sad too. It's not as personal as it once was.

xoxo wee

and P.S. Yay you on the weight loss! That's phenomenal, Liz! I'm so proud of you for making so many postive steps toward a healthier you. I knew you could do it!

I know. I, too, am guilty of reading and not commenting. It does seem I had more time for such things before. But it does also feel like a natural progression in some ways. However, I feel the need to put the brakes on a bit, and I think that's a good thing. :)


I'm nodding along with you about the other distractions on the web. Like many have said, I enjoy Facebook for its capabilities of getting me in touch with old friends from college, etc. I don't link to my blog from Facebook because there are a few too many people that I'm not sure I would want all up in my grill, blog-ly's one thing to stumble upon something, and another to invite them in. It's already very strange to have my church friends tell me in the hall, "Oh, I read your blog the other day..." I do miss being more anonymous. (Even though all my real life friends are very sweet about the blog...)

It is funny, how it's all changed. :)

Also, I agree with the need for a holiday in the middle of the year...Halloween is really just a FUN holiday. It doesn't have to be a big family thing, which relieves some pressure. People need fun! And a reason to buy lots of candy!


The most important thing is for you to do what feels right for YOU. I've stopped with the 'shoulds'. I read lots of blogs (and have already whittled down my Bloglines which doesn't even include my Vox neighborhood)...but I simply can't comment on all posts all of the time...I'd be spending all my time on things blog-related! ;) And you and I have been blogging long enough to know that things come and go in waves. I do miss the community I used to feel more in the blogosphere...but I've tried to just move on and adapt to the changes.

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