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Liz: (walking into the computer room, where the kids are playing Roller Coaster Tycoon) Hey! I haven't been for a walk for 2 weeks because I've been sick...and do you know what that means?

Martin: (rolls eyes)

Karin: Maaaaama, I've been outside all day.

Liz: It means YOU (points to Martin) haven't been for a walk in 2 weeks! And YOU (points to Karin) haven't been for a walk in 2 weeks either!

Martin: And we're not going now.

Liz: You don't love me. I see how it is. (starts to cry dramatically, leaves the room)

Karin: (comes running to cuddle and comfort) Yes, I do! I love you, mama!

Martin: Mom, do you know how childish you can be?

Liz: (sticks out tongue at him and blows a huge raspberry)

Liz & Martin: (giggle madly)
mood: silly
music: Martin talking while brushing his teeth, Karin starting her bedtime drama routine


I love parents who dares to be silly with there kids
and other kids too.
Btw, not just parents.

A walk and a nap. Sounds good. And silliness too!


Oh, it's been too long since I've had time to visit my blog friends! And I'm glad to see that not only do we share the need for a walk in common, but we also share the simple nap adoration in common. Happy autumn!

- Molly

Yay! Keep 'em confused and laughing! I approve.

Rather reminds me of a game I've played with Erik... At 8 years old, it's not always cool to give your dad a kiss, I guess. (Been a few years since I was 8, so I forget just when it stopped being cool.)

Anyways, I was dozing in my comfy computer chair and Erik came and climbed on my lap. We snuggle often and hugs are still A-OK, but kisses are becoming fewer as the years go by. He climbed into my lap and I was semi-awake, so he leans in and starts making his pre-kiss humming sound. I kept my eyes closed and just twitched, so of course he jumped back. When he figured out I was just teasing, he starts being daring again so I twitched my shoulder and he jerked back again. We both started to giggle when it happened again and again.

Yep, this dad giggles when playing around with my son. :) After about 5-10 minutes, I surprised him and gave him a quick peck (much to his dramatic dismay... at not jerking his head back quicker, heh heh!) It made him twitchier again and we just had the BEST time, laughing and snuggling that afternoon.

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