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I wonder what else I could write about besides BREAKFAST that would get so many comments.

Candy favorites?

Sex positions?

Ways to add extra time to your day?

The best book you EVER read, EVER?

Nah. Bacon and cinnamon sugar toast and English muffins and filmjölk would probably top them all.

Total monster drama day today. I'm wiped. I fucking HATE drama. Hate it. With a capital F.

Tomorrow Anders comes home and I'm taking the kids to sushi. Also buying stuffing at the American store. Take that, drama! I get knocked down, but I get up again, you ain't never gonna keep me down!
mood: exhausted
music: Chumbawamba—Tub-Thumping


Sorry to hear about the crap going down. Nothing cancel out bad vibes like sushi. :-D

Ain't that the truth! :D's a really good book. I have a hard time picking a total favorite. One more Day by Mitch Albom. Soooo good. Makes me cry.

I have never read any of his books. I shall check it out forthwith!

I saw a nice photo in the Chamber of Commerce member magazine. They had a special about making business in Asia and on one page illustrated the differences and similarities with one plate. On the left hand side you have a set of sushi with accessories. On the right hand side you have Swedish pickled herring with accessories. So close, but still different. I can see if I can dig up or at least scan that image if you like.

The article also told me something I didn't know: in Japan and China they count in multiples of 10,000 (man/wan) instead of 1,000. The language doesn't have a word for million. One million would be 100 man (wan) which is why many interpretors would ask you how many zeroes there is in a big number before they translate your figures. In the same way in some countries in the South-East Asia, they count in multiples of 100,000. 3 million would be written as 30,00,000.

Food, Liz, is the way to our hearts :)

I'm so sorry to hear about your day. I hate drama, too (except when it's on a triple word, then I love it!) I hope having Anders home and the sushi will help. Shall I send Lambi over to get tough with them? Or can I threaten them with Vegemite - breakfast food of champions. Or was that Nutrigrain - I can never remember.

Breakfast of Champions was a BOOK, by Kurt Vonnegut.

Send Lambi, but you have to come too as you are MUCH tougher than she is. :D

I fixed the drama, I think. I hope. Keep your fingers crossed. Maybe I should have gone for a career in diplomacy instead of graphic design?

Jeeze Louise, who remembers books! I remember castchy ads designed by people like YOU. And I think it was Weeties. I remember that Nutrigrain was touted as "Iron Man Food". See, my expensive education was not wasted.

Hmmm, a "she" drama. *shudder* I HATE working with women in general. While it was tough being in a male dominated profession in Australia, I found that men were much easier to get on with. Sure we had fireworks and a few acidic things said (mostly by me!) but usually it would blow over. Women I found to be more vindictive, sneaky and willing to bear a grudge. I don't envy you. And kudos for the diplomatic approach. I'm about as diplomatic and subtle as a flying brick (yeah, I know, hard to believe), but I can hold a grudge as long as the mafia, so I could make her life hell for many, many years.

That song always reminds me of the year in Wales. Good times.

I'm just glad that YOU were the boss of fixing the drama. You rock sugarpie, you rock.

I'm glad I was able to help :)

Hmm, well, to add extra time how about just combining answers? Like... hard butterscotch candy while sitting on the corner of the bed, reading Lord of the Rings (The Two Towers)?

Would you accept a combo answer like that? I'd hope that you'd let that one slide, and if it brought a smile to you after a rough day, well, that'd be even better! ;)

A definite smile! :) Yummm...butterscotch!

Ah good, smiles are a wonderful thing to give. My lady seems to do that a lot when I am around... she giggles and laughs a lot too. I try to make sure I don't make some comments while she is sipping a drink though... LOL :D

Candy favorites? Butterscotch, of course

Sex positions? Couldn't decide whether to say "Been there, done that," or "Uh, I forget..."

Ways to add extra time to your day? Slow down? Slow is the new efficient.

The best book you EVER read, EVER? There are too many best books to recount here!

Sushi. Yay!

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