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I wonder what else I could write about besides BREAKFAST that would get so many comments.

Candy favorites?

Sex positions?

Ways to add extra time to your day?

The best book you EVER read, EVER?

Nah. Bacon and cinnamon sugar toast and English muffins and filmjölk would probably top them all.

Total monster drama day today. I'm wiped. I fucking HATE drama. Hate it. With a capital F.

Tomorrow Anders comes home and I'm taking the kids to sushi. Also buying stuffing at the American store. Take that, drama! I get knocked down, but I get up again, you ain't never gonna keep me down!
mood: exhausted
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Jeeze Louise, who remembers books! I remember castchy ads designed by people like YOU. And I think it was Weeties. I remember that Nutrigrain was touted as "Iron Man Food". See, my expensive education was not wasted.

Hmmm, a "she" drama. *shudder* I HATE working with women in general. While it was tough being in a male dominated profession in Australia, I found that men were much easier to get on with. Sure we had fireworks and a few acidic things said (mostly by me!) but usually it would blow over. Women I found to be more vindictive, sneaky and willing to bear a grudge. I don't envy you. And kudos for the diplomatic approach. I'm about as diplomatic and subtle as a flying brick (yeah, I know, hard to believe), but I can hold a grudge as long as the mafia, so I could make her life hell for many, many years.

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