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A good day of work with much progress made

Leaving early; thank you, flex-time!

A rare trip to the American store (stocked up for Thanksgiving!)

Sushi for dinner with the kids and friends

My husband home from a week away

Myskväll with the family

Some much-needed resolution

The middle of a good book

A neck and shoulder rub

Anticipation of sleeping in tomorrow!

aaaaah...and how was YOUR day?
mood: good
music: Postal Blue—What You Were Meant to Be


I'm just back from dinner and bowling, in that order. We had planned to do it the other way around, but there were no bowling lanes available until 9 PM. To make a long story short, I'm still awful at bowling, but once in a while I managed to score a strike. On the other hand, just as often my ball ended in the gutter twice in a row: -/-. The dinner was at a Lebanese type restaurant, who served a lot of small, free extra dishes to make the food very priceworthy. Perhaps it had to do the size of our group, 11 people.

is there still an american store there? the 3 here shut down, one by one.
no more american choices. shopping for thanksgiving ws impossble!

yes, but I'm a little worried about the future, since I know the owner and she's going through a very tough time right now (not with the store, other stuff)

so it is separate from grey's then? do they have a lot of different things? thats rough. i miss our shops. it isn't as if i shop regularly, but when thanksgiving comes up it is almost a necessity!

they are separate though I think they piggyback on shipping and such, or used to. They have a really good selection.

I had a marvelous day! I had lunch with the woman whose job I got (after she had quit, of course). Turns out that the crap I've been experiencing was the exact same crap that ended up in her quitting that job. Wonderful confirmation that it isn't my Americanness causing these issues, and thus a clear plan about cutting out the sick parts that ARE causing them.

And then Björn decided to stay at the cabin one more night just so we could also have a nice myskväll.

I would have liked to be there for sushi, though.

I am glad you got that confirmation!! I hope you can definitely do something about it now. And we missed you at sushi. :)

nother lovely day in autumn sunshine. A walk through town and along the harbour, a cosy fika in a 300 year old konditori with my man and an evening snuggling on the couch watching a DVD (rare for me) before beating my arch enemy at Scrabulous by THREE points. Does life get better than this?

I don't thinks so :) What DVD were you watching?

We watched a Danish/Swedish film called En Kærlighedshistorie. The night before we watched a visually beautiful Chinese film on DVD called The Road Home. Two films in a week is very rare for us. Our tv is the lest used item in our home normally :)

Nice list.
And my day that day (Friday) was busy. I was icing a birthday cake and getting the house clean for a party. And then the party was great fun. My housemate, unlike me, got her invitations out in a timely manner before her friends were all booked up. And then there is also that her birthday isn't as close to Thanksgiving as mine is.
My day today is just beginning, but looks to be good, what with four pies in the fridge and only four or five people coming for the feast! Well, to be fair, I must say that one of the pies isn't for today and one is a special diet pie for the friend coming who can't eat any sweeteners other than rice syrup. So, more like two pies. That still pretty good with the guest ratio and all the other food.
Happy Thanksgiving!

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