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Anders was gone all week, in Italy on business. He brought home:
  • a huge wedge of parmigiano reggiano cheese
  • 4 packages of pasta
  • a pack of prosciutto ham
  • one small hard Italian salami
  • a package of salsiccia sausages
  • limoncello, nocino and grappa
And then he made dinner tonight:
  • a plate of appetizers that included sliced salami, prosciutto-wrapped cantelope and prosciutto-wrapped parmesan slices
  • mushroom risotto with fresh grated parmesan cheese
  • perfectly cooked steaming sausages
  • a bowl of baby plum tomatoes
My friend Debbie came over with her son, who checked out Karin's loftbed and declared that he liked it, and they'll be switching his double-bunk for it in the next couple weeks (provided he doesn't change his mind in the meantime). YAY!

Martin watched High School Musical and High School Musical 2 back-to-back on Swedish TV this afternoon and I suspect a new obsession has just been born. I can see why. I would have been totally obsessed with it myself at his age. Boppy, catchy music and bright-eyed clean-cut adorable characters. He asked me if that was really what high schools in America were like. Not actually having gone to high school in America, I couldn't really answer that with any authority, but had to say, based on my pseudo-American high school experience (in Holland and Germany) that yes, sort of, that was what it was like, only without as much singing and dancing and sparkling white teeth.

I got a lot done today, even if I still feel I could have accomplished more. Why is that?? It's Saturday! I didn't have any plans or any thing that NEEDED to be done, so why would I feel like I didn't do enough, when I vacuumed most of the house, picked up, went grocery shopping and to the fish store for fish food, did laundry and dishes, worked on HTML pages for the AWC site, AND took down ALL the curtains in the whole house and washed them? Maybe it's because I didn't get the fish tank cleaned which is on my mental to-do list for this weekend? Relax stupid self-guilt, it'll get done tomorrow! sheesh
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