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Anders was gone all week, in Italy on business. He brought home:
  • a huge wedge of parmigiano reggiano cheese
  • 4 packages of pasta
  • a pack of prosciutto ham
  • one small hard Italian salami
  • a package of salsiccia sausages
  • limoncello, nocino and grappa
And then he made dinner tonight:
  • a plate of appetizers that included sliced salami, prosciutto-wrapped cantelope and prosciutto-wrapped parmesan slices
  • mushroom risotto with fresh grated parmesan cheese
  • perfectly cooked steaming sausages
  • a bowl of baby plum tomatoes
My friend Debbie came over with her son, who checked out Karin's loftbed and declared that he liked it, and they'll be switching his double-bunk for it in the next couple weeks (provided he doesn't change his mind in the meantime). YAY!

Martin watched High School Musical and High School Musical 2 back-to-back on Swedish TV this afternoon and I suspect a new obsession has just been born. I can see why. I would have been totally obsessed with it myself at his age. Boppy, catchy music and bright-eyed clean-cut adorable characters. He asked me if that was really what high schools in America were like. Not actually having gone to high school in America, I couldn't really answer that with any authority, but had to say, based on my pseudo-American high school experience (in Holland and Germany) that yes, sort of, that was what it was like, only without as much singing and dancing and sparkling white teeth.

I got a lot done today, even if I still feel I could have accomplished more. Why is that?? It's Saturday! I didn't have any plans or any thing that NEEDED to be done, so why would I feel like I didn't do enough, when I vacuumed most of the house, picked up, went grocery shopping and to the fish store for fish food, did laundry and dishes, worked on HTML pages for the AWC site, AND took down ALL the curtains in the whole house and washed them? Maybe it's because I didn't get the fish tank cleaned which is on my mental to-do list for this weekend? Relax stupid self-guilt, it'll get done tomorrow! sheesh
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High school musical 2. Did they show it in Swedish or English? I mean the song. :) I am so not the target audience but I have to admit I love the theme song and the Swedish version more than the English version which is VERY rare for me! Swedish version is sung by 15-year-old Molly Sandén and Idol-Ola. It's superb.

If I had been the target audience I would definitely have loved those films too, I know that even without having seen them. :) That was really my kind of thing when I was that age!


They showed it in English, with Swedish subtitles. I'll show Martin the clip, though! We're all big fans of Molly in this house :)


Good thing they subtitled! Dubbing really sucks. If you are fans of Molly (so am I, "fan" of all Sandén sisters - especially Molly and Mimmi. :) I love seeing so much talent in one family. It will be fun to follow their careers and development) you'll love the clip. She is great in it.



What a fantastic meal- I hope you're planning to have him make a one day shopping trip to Italy while I'm there! :) Love, Lizardmom

I'll tell him to get right on that! :D

I'm having Italian food envy.

And all the kiddos in my class at school are into Highschool Musical too.. I haven't watched it, but I suppose I must to see what all the hoopla is about.

Pretty simplistic messages but bright and fun, and just right for the target audience :)

My 8 yr old son loves High School Musical, especially the first one. I sat and watched it with him 3 or 4 times, and enjoyed it too. It took 3 or 4 times before I could actually watch it from start to finish... It's been a while since I watched it. I didn't care much for what I saw of number two... the acting I saw was TOO over the top-ish.

There are some similarities to when I went to high school... especially the cliques, and the attitudes that jocks should do 'jock things', preps hang with the preps, etc. Not really caring about being labeled, I rather hung out with whomever I chose... but I didn't fit in any one group perfectly anyways.

As long as they enjoy it though... ;) Nothing wrong with some good upbeat songs, showing what kind of attitudes shouldn't be tolerated, and teaching/showing respectful behavior... I'm all for it.

#1 was ok, after 3 or 4 tries, like you said.
i tried watching #2 yesterday but failed. blehh! *gags* :)

Har! A sign we're too old, or did you never like this sort of thing to begin with? It is AWFULLY saccharine!

I missed quite a bit of the first time, but it definitely looked better, as is usually the case with sequels. They're making a 3rd one.

Oh, I liked number one... would watch that one again... number two was the one that was TOO over the top acting-wise. ;) For a number 3... I'll wait and see...

The Italian meal sounds fabulous! Go Anders!

Is Karin still sleeping on the floor? I'm all for staying near the ground too. Here's crossing me thumbs for you that it all works out.

She's actually been up in the bed all this past week except one night, and I think now that she knows she's going to be able to get her wish, she'll manage to stay up there until the swap in a week or two :)

It's been all HSM, all the time, for quite a while around here. We've already reserved the HSM game for the Nintendo Wii for one of Lydia's Christmas presents, and I'm sure that won't be the last bit we'll buy.

I've already primed my mom for Xmas presents for him. ;)

No need to tell Martin this, but my own American High School experience involved a great deal that was actually illegal.

After I sent Karin to bed the other night, she was reading by the light of the overhead lamp. I asked her if it wouldn't be cozier to use the little bed lamp, and then when she got sleepy she could just turn it off without having to get out of bed. She gave me her special Karin-look and said, "That light shines in my eyes. I use that one" (pointing to the ceiling). I adore that kid. The bed lamp shines in her eyes but the one directly overhead does not. She's such a little toughie!

Except that she could MOVE that bed lamp since it's on a snake-neck! :D And you're not the only one who's mentioned the illegal activities at your school...we had it too, even in Germany, though I was mostly oblivious to all but the drinking/smoking.

Welcome to the world of the HSM obsessed child. Lacking the Disney Channel (which is where the movies aired here), Ingrid has only seen the first one but all her friends have seen HSM2 so she already knows half the songs. Needless to say her Christmas is going to be heavily skewed towards HSM (the DVD of HSM2 comes out on Dec. 11). The songs are stuck in my head as both children are forever singing them. Luckily, I don't mind as I am glad to see them into singing and dancing.

Ingrid asked me if high school was like that and I told her that parts of it were. I spent two years of high school in NY and two in Maine. They were totally different experiences. NY was very clique-y, very socially stratified by money, very "Stick to the Status Quo." In Maine people were generally a lot less well off and so money and clothes and material things were far less important. Though there were groups, the college crowd, the jocks, the farmer and lobster kids, everyone hung out together. It really was quite remarkable. Not every class was that way (my sister a year older than me had a very clique-y class) but ours was just like everyone ends up at the end of the movie. The one thing that was true in both places was a heavy, and I mean heavy, dose of illegal activity completely absent (thankfully!) from the movies.

Edited at 2007-11-18 03:43 pm (UTC)

ah! thanks for the info on the DVD release date for HSM2, I'll tell my mom as she's looking for them before she comes here, but that will be after she has arrived. And the "lobster kids" cracked me up.

I suppose then your DVD player is region free?

Only in Maine. ;-)

You can get the soundtrack for HSM2 but not the DVD. Maybe it would make a good birthday present if he is still into it at that point.

Oh, he's just getting started, so I don't think that will be an issue. :)


Ooh, all that Italian food and drink sounds too, too yummy! I'm jealous! The real parmesan, especially. Once, in Parma, I bought a wedge of it just to eat. And prosciutto with melon . . . yum!

- Laini

How lovely to have someone who cooks for you!!

And throw that self guilt outa da house!

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