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It is so dark here that I feel I am living in a cave. Dark when I awaken, dim all day, pitch black when I get home. 5 in the evening feels like 10. And there's yet another month to the solstice...I'll be a fully-fledged troglodyte by then.

Choir tonight: first time I've sung (except in the car) since MAY. We have a new choir leader and it was very surreal to sit before her and keep realizing over and over that she wasn't Eva, our former choir leader. She has a very different style, but I think she'll be alright once she gets her feet under her. We've lost about half our members in the long search and shake-up since May, so everything feels different, but o! it was good to sing.

I just finished an excellent book that I absolutely gobbled down. I feel very late to the party, since it was published in 2000 and I remember hearing about it quite some time ago (Bluepoppy, it might have been you, I can't remember)...anyway, it was on my wish list for ages and then I came upon it while in the States and snatched it up. Quick read, absolutely fascinating material and extremely engaging, well-written style. Check it out if you haven't already read it long ago: The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell.

Karin had her karate "upgrade" tonight...I have no idea what it's called in English...anyone out there with karate kids that could enlighten me? She moved up a level from the beginner's white belt to a bright red one, and to top it off her instructor asked her if she'd like to participate in a Cup competition in the beginning of December. Exciting!

It's been a busy week, like all weeks this time of year. I participated in the annual AWC wreathmaking workshop on Monday which was, as always, a blast. I made a wreath for the front door and a centerpiece for the table and got a little crazy encouraging everyone else to use more glitter gold paint! More! Sparkly! Yesterday I got my hair done, today was choir and tomorrow we are swapping Karin's bed for a double bunk. And then it's ready for our annual Thanksgiving bash with some good friends this weekend, and Sunday I have to bake cookies! AAAAAHHHH!

Can someone please get me one of those machines that Hermione used in Harry Potter to go do her homework in a time pocket? I need me one o' them things. I promise only to use it to get my Christmas letter written and my cards addressed. And maybe to get the AWC website finished. And perhaps to paint the sideboard. And to finished cleaning. But that's all. Well, maybe also I could use it again in a week or so to go get a Christmas tree and decorate it. But then I'd let someone else use it, I swear. I'm not a time-pocket-machine hog, really!

Barrels of Bubbling Birthday Wishes to dbrus!
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I have been thinking about you, lately, what with the darkness of late autumn and all. Have you read any of the Diana Gabaldon books? In her last one, the main character, Claire, talks a little about what it's like to live on a Colonial-era farm, and go to bed when the sun goes down, even in winter. She talks about getting your full 8 hours of sleep by 2 or 3:00 in the morning, then waking to talk and snuggle (and whatnot) with your husband, all warm in the covers, then going back to sleep for another several hours. Doesn't that sound incredibly cozy and comforting? Too bad we all have to do things like work and feed people dinner and watch TV and play on the internet and whatnot. I bet if you could go to bed at 4:00, you'd at least get the snuggly cozy benefits of the dark days.

I've heard the karate tests referred to as "belt tests", but I don't know any more specific term for them.

Oh! And I have NOT read the book you mentioned, and I am in the market for a good new book. Rob is trying (yet again) to get me to enjoy Hunter S. Thompson (of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas" fame), and I dislike him (Hunter, not Rob) every time. I need something new, or else I'm stuck with the king of gonzo journalism. Blech.

There are a million better books out there than Hunter S. Thompson. Good lord!

Yes, I've read all of Gabaldon's books, MANY times over. She's awesome. Wish my husband was a snuggler!!

And "belt tests" cracks me up, though I don't know why :D

We usually called it advancing a belt, and yes, through a belt/rank test... showing off knowledge of certain forms and moves, breaking a board, and usually some sparring.

As far as books go, I am staying busy enough, that I am not taking much time to read just for pleasure. Maybe after the holidays things will ease up a bit, mostly I'm reading/watching/listening to business philosophy and self improvement type stuff, changing the way I relate to the world and others, the way I think, etc. Whilst it's usually fascinating to me, it's not like reading a good sci-fi or fantasy novel, just for fun. ;)

We got our first snowfall of the year today, just a bit, but nice flurries for an hour or so... slightly frozen over, cold cars after it sitting all day, etc! ;) Have a great Thanksgiving, and many blessings to you and your's!

She's not breaking boards yet, it was mostly kata, I think. And you said whilst! (it requires exclamation points, you know). I hope you have a great Thanksgiving as well!

yesterday the weather was incredibly dreary in lund. :(

I agree. It's been like this for far too long. I need some sunshine! Just a little!

I need to lie down just THINKING about your To Do list... Happy Thanksgiving, Liz!

Happy thanksgiving to you too, my dear!!

Glad to hear that you are singing again. Good luck to the choir and the new choir director.

I'm glad I didn't drop out. It really is an important part of my life :)

Thanks for the bday wishes...I am bit late seeing them due to the crazy broken leg day yesterday! Also, I think the karate thing is referred to as "belt ceremony" in English.

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