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That your doctors caught it early and got it all because I can't imagine life without you.

That you are healthy and happy and funny and so incredibly well-behaved in public.

That we had the money on hand so I could fly over to be there when you said I do.

That your new job has made you so much happier and that we seem, in so many ways, stronger than ever.

That you choose to come and visit us when you have the chance.

That you recommend such great books, and movies, and recipes.

That you show me in so many ways what faith is really about.

That you like to play the kinds of games that I like to play.

That your tumor was contained, though the price you paid was still a high one.

That you've taken the events of this past year(s) and become stronger despite them.

That you are following up on the position you took with such enthusiasm.

That I got to meet you and see first hand that your beauty and friendship is as real in person as it is online.

That you are having the baby you've wanted for so long.

That you are not giving up on having the baby you've wanted for so long.

That you've finally met someone who treats you right and as you deserve.

That we found each other again after so many years of separation.

That you take the time to call me just to see how I'm doing and say exactly what I need to hear.

That you keep writing even when you don't feel like it.

That you keep coming back despite thinking you might give it up forever.

That you always remind me of the positive and the joyful things in life with your awesome attitude.

That you never fail to leave me a comment that brightens my day.

That you share so much of yourself with me.

That you consider me a friend.

Happy Thanksgiving!
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