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I'm totally stuffed up, and worried I'm coming down with a cold. I can't afford to be sick this week, with Anders gone for 3 days and so many things to do.

Got home from Tylösand at 2:30 to find Karin in bed asleep. She had thrown up after lunch, and soon afterwards, she woke up and did it again. :( Hope it's not the killer stomach flu from Stockholm. SO, cooking club is cancelled tomorrow, but I still have to find time to carve pumpkins, which means the big question is:

Scary or funny faces?
mood: tired
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Get well soon, and Karin too!

Funny Faces! =o)

I'm not getting a pumpkin for halloween -waiting until after since they're cheaper then; and I'll make pumpkin pie =o)

Mmmm pie! :) pumpkin is my FAVORITE!

Mine too! I just want an easy recipe for us Swedish residents!

You said pumpkins, plural, so at least one of each!

Hope you feel better. As for the pumpkin faces, one of each?

Funny faces!

Drink lots of water and take some vitamin C (or eat lots of fruit) :D

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