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Yesterday was our annual Thanksgiving potluck bash with good friends gathered around the dinner table, where silence reigned for all of 15 seconds during the first bite before everyone starting oohing and ahhing and remarking on how GOOOOOOD the food was. We had so much fun that we actually forgot for the first time in 10 years to take a group photo! *sigh* I enjoyed turkey leftovers for lunch today and baked the first batch of official Christmas cookies: Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Squares that may just end up a family favorite. They're DELICIOUS. They're also for the AWC cookie exchange on Tuesday, so good thing I made more than was necessary!

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Tonight Sunday I brought out the electric candlesticks, and managed to sweep one into the floor so one of the small lights broke. Stupidly enough, I went on to swap bulbs with another candlestick of a different kind, leading to breaking another two bulbs. I was going to the food store for a late shopping trip anyway and had to buy some spare light bulbs. Now I have fixed one candlestick, but the other one I can't get to work no matter how many bulbs I swap around. Blah. I'm considering putting it back into the closet. Three bulbs = 10 kr. A brand new candlestick = 39 kr.

What a cute photo. I'm glad you had such fun Thanksgiving bash. Fun and laughter are the nectars of life.

I dare you to wear that work... ;)

(Very cute.)

Too late! It's already hanging on the front door :)

The addition of that smiling face really spruced up that wreath :)

You look a bit like one of those Anne Geddes portraits, though perhaps a little on the wilder side :)

Where do you find pumpkin in Sweden? I've never seen any in the vege section of the shops around here. Those biscuits sound lovely! I made Christmas Biscotti yesterday (cranberry/pistachio flavour) - it's fantastic weather for baking.

I bought it at the American store in Malmö, they sell both the pie filling and the plain pumpkin puree (which this recipe called for). If you need some let me know, and I can get it and send it to you. :) And I would love the recipe for your Christmas Biscotti, please!! :)

I'm going to Stockholm later this week, so I'll get some there, but thanks for the offer.

The biscotti are lovely! Ask and you will receive. :)

Without that recipe, I'm sure I would have pined away.

After what same_sky said in my post, I think we should leaf this subject alone. It might needle your readers.

There's no doubt we could treet them better.

Perhaps it wood be better to take a new branch in these comments.

AWC connection

First off, Happy Thanksgiving!

And a quick story...
The University of California students here in Lund (all 50 of us) were lucky to be treated to a huge Thanksgiving meal on Saturday, catered for us by an American chef (who has willingly helped the UC-Lund program out for the last four or five years... I guess our UC coordinators tried using Swedish chefs and it "just didn't work"). It was fun and delicious! But I think the pumpkin pie my mom and I made (with canned pumpkin from the States) was actually BETTER than the pumpkin pie (made of actual pumpkin) that we ate at the dinner! :-) You really can't go wrong with that canned stuff.

Anyway, the study center director, Mike Martin, and his wife, Pat Martin, were at the meal as well! Pat mentioned later that she was involved in AWC and I asked if she knew you. She said yes and had wonderful things to say about you and your family!!

I'm leaving on Dec. 17th to go back to the States... but next time I am in Sweden for a while I will be sure to join AWC. It would be great to meet you and your family!


Re: AWC connection

Going back "for good" ? I hope you're hooked and that we'll see you back soon!! Good luck with everything, Linnea :) It was nice to have you as a virtual friend and I hope you'll stick around even if you're not in Sweden anymore.

(I haven't met Mike, but Pat is a love)

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