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What is the point of having a husband around when he won't let you put your really cold hands inside his shirt to warm them UP?!
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Not much point really.

Minuspoäng för Anders!

Ah, you forgot to specifically add that in the marriage vows, I'm willing to bet. You young women just don't THINK, all romance and stuff, when there are serious things to be promising at a wedding. I actually had my minister include along with love, honor and cherish a bit about keeping my cold feet warm on those Swedish winter nights and man, didn't I keep him to those promises when I was living back there!

That's certainly why you two married. You better get him on the same page!

Perhaps you can trade him in on a younger model? You'd better start training Martin now...

No point. Try warming your feet in that manner instead.

You could always unzip his... okay, better not go there. I'm in enough trouble in "Sudden Bursts of Enthusiasm" as it is!

Watch out or someone may tell your kids that's what mothers are for. At least I was convinced of that as a kid.


HA! :) Ryan isn't so willing either.

- Molly

No point, I say! Which is why I like to wait until he's deeply asleep before exercising that maneuver... ;)

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