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In which male readers are advised to avert their eyes.


Seriously, boys, move along.


After Karin was born, I went to the gynecologist to get a review on birth control options and ended up going with an IUD. It hurt to insert (I just said that to myself a couple of times because it rhymes) but was totally awesome afterwards because DUDE not only was there no chance of getting pregnant again but it pretty much deleted my menstrual cycle.

Not something I've missed either, I can say, since it used to be crampy and horrible. There are 2 kinds of IUDs available in Sweden: a "regular" copper one and a hormone-drop version. I can't remember and don't care what the benefits or advantages were for either one, but I took the hormone-drop option. This was, mind you, the same year Karin was born: 1999. The doctor gave me a lot of info but the end result was that I went home with a foreign object inside me (having just gotten rid of one some months earlier in the form of my daughter! har!) and complete freedom in regards to carefree, though strictly marital (hi honey!), sex.

I had made a mental note that the IUD was good for 10 years and sometime this year, when Karin turned 8, I thought maybe I should just check to make sure that was actually the case and the next time I was called to the gyndoc I'd remember to ask. That was last week, when I went in for a regular pap checkup. After everything, back in order I casually asked the doctor about the IUDs and was there anything I needed to do even though it was not really time yet to worry about it. I know it's good for 10 years but that's creeping up now, as my daughter is 8.5?

"What kind do you have?" she asked me. "The hormone-drip one," I answered.

She gave me a perplexed look. "Are you sure?"

"Oh yes," I said. I gave her the name and said that I had had really irregular cycles since I got it, basically not menstruated for years, though it had been gradually coming back in the past, oh, 12 months or so.

"Those are only good for FIVE years," she said.


"Of course," she added, "just the presence of the IUD probably acted as a deterrent, but still..."

*pause while Liz hyperventilates*

So I immediately scheduled another appointment a week later (today) to get the old one removed and replaced. I had remembered how much it hurt to insert (twice!) but had forgotten the painful crampy aftermath. Bleargh.

And that concludes the only journal post EVER in which I talk about my private parts and sex and menstruation all at once. Now back to your regularly scheduled carefree sex!

Note to self: When Karin turns 13, it's replacement time again, always presuming the CHANGE OF LIFE hasn't pre-empted things. 13 -- NOT 15 because it has a five in it. 13 -- NOT 18 because it's 10 years from now. THIRTEEN, YOU MATH-IMPAIRED IDJIT.


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Only a dozen times in 2½ years?

Liz, we need to talk! :)

You beat me to the punch!


It hurt to insert it hurt to insert it hurt to insert it hurt to insert!

It did! Wah!

I have this funny conversation in my head in which you have to tell Karin about the facts of life and how she can get pregnant while you're mentally reminding yourself to go get new birth control.

*snort* Karin is well on the way to already knowing the facts of life, though. I've been asked all about it on more than one occasion. :D


Oh, I love this kind of girl talk. But we all know I'm a little strange.

You know what I love? I've decided to get an IUD as well and when I called to make the appointment (you have to be on your period and yes! already have had a period! so not fair!) the doctor was totally slammed. No room in the inn for me. So I am having to WAIT until NEXT month - definitely very stupid.

;( Sam

They told me it's usually best to do the procedure at the END of your period, and mine wasn't due for another 1.5-2 weeks, but that wasn't a problem apparently, though it seems it has been kick started by the insertion.

Loved this entry, Liz, becase it feels all too good to laugh about someone elses life right now. glad the hyperventilation only need to be about theoretical situations...really glad!

You know, there are other options for carefree marital sex. Are there plans for a potential 3rd child? I know it's presumptious to say, but I've always gotten the impression that there isn't. I'm sure you discussed it with Anders at the time, but perhaps it a conversation worthy of being had again. One little incision is a whole lot less painful and worrisome than, well...

*Backs politely away after having perhaps overstepped her bounds*

haha! No, there is NO INTENTION whatsoever of having another child. Anders is lucky he got 2 out of me and he knows it :P

And yes, I know there are other options, but this one is really actually not that complicated and I suppose one day worth of discomfort is worth 5 years worth of not worrying about it :)

I laughed too. Now that you've said "not 15 because it has a 5" though - well - if it were ME, that'd be sticking in head! Good until Karin is 15. ok.

I suspect that's what happened with the "10 years" actually...because the OTHER kind is good for 10 years and that must be what stuck in my head. Duh.

I bet you nearly FLIPPED at the doctor's office!

I'm sure the look on my face was pretty funny!

Hmmm! I think that I need to make a note to myself ... to have my IUD removed. I've had it about 10 years now (not a hormone one), but it's pretty obvious that I DON'T NEED IT~! It probably has cobwebs on it. Har! :P

She said the non-hormone ones were good for 10 years, so you're probably right on schedule :) They don't send you an appointment slip though, you have to remember yourself!

It is good that I am reading this from the comfort of my living room instead of sitting with you face-to-face across a table because my first reaction (as your friend) really should be sympathy for your painful crampy aftermath but my actual first reaction is rather less sympathetic and rather more along the lines of hysterical laughter over all of the funny things about this whole crazy situation.

(That was a very long sentence.)

Pbbb! you would have felt sorry for me yesterday evening, though. I was curled up on the sofa with a heated pad. Even ibuprofen didn't help, waah!

As usual, you crack me up. But really, it must have been a sobering moment there in the doc's office. Yikes!

The look on my face must have been priceless.

Funny for us to read, undoubtedly less-funny for you to live. But really, you were protected with the old IUD, merely because as a foreign object it's presence alone had a contraceptive effect. You would have had to have fallen on the wrong side of the statistics to have gotten pregnant with that in you.

That's what she said, too, but I can't imagine what I would have done HAD I ended up on the wrong side of those statistics!!

keeping track

let's just say I'm amazed you had it logged in your head to even remember-- hell, unless I wrote it down for my calendar 8 years ahead-- and we all know that would never happen-- I'm glad you posted about this (sorry for today's discomfort which --bleargh-- hope you can get comfortable somewhere and rest) oh but Lizardmom is there with you!! She will heal you!!


What a story! Thanks for sharing. What a shock it must have been to hear that at any time you could have become a mother again. lol.

I've had both copper and hormone IUDs. I hate that insertion and removal of those things!


Phew! That was lucky!

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