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Man, we've been busy! Too busy to post, obviously. We've been shopping, and celebrating Martin's 10th birthday (by waking him up extra early with a birthday song and presents) and writing Christmas letters and wrapping Christmas gifts and going to Christmas parties and Christmas markets and Christmas tree farms and choir practice (me) and hockey (Anders) and Scouts (Martin) and karate (Karin) and just generally enjoying having my mom here!

Martin turns 10
Martin turns 10 years old!

Windy contemplations
In denial about being old enough to have a 10-year-old

Who let that kid have a SAW?
Who let that kid have a SAW?

Christmas cheer is finally here
Christmas cheer is finally here!

Still to come: more Christmas shopping! more Christmas cards! more Christmas wrapping! baking Christmas cookies! eating Christmas julbord food! singing Christmas carols! Stay tuned!
mood: happy
music: High School Musical IN MY HEAD. AAAAAAH!!!


Happy birthday to Martin. He looks so much older...

And nice with the windswept hair look thing going on there, Liz...but denial? Heh. I'm not THAT much older than you, and I have a 23-year-old (or will, next week). Thank Martin for keeping you young; that's the secret, I think.

Wow, those kids have grown up so much in the last year. Where does the time go? And Liz, you are looking great (even with the Carola style wind-machine effect going on).

I get exhausted just reading your list of things going on. I hope in all of the rushing around, you still get a little time to just BE.

Just be what? :P

A ploka dancing armadillo, of course! :)

My cousin and I are the same age, and she has a 14 year old, so I use her as my indicator of what could have been. I could have a teenager!! *shudder*

Happy birthday to Martin, and enjoy the holiday! I have no idea what julbord means but it's my new favorite word. From now on it means everything. Like Swedish mad libs.

"I'm feeling julbordy, let's go to Julbord's, order a julbord of julbords, and get julborded."

Liz, barky is just stunning in that photo.

Please! Barky is a wind-blown frazzled mess! :D

Well, I think the photographer caught a particularly good moment for Barky. Maybe she was terrible when she fell back down after the wind, but we didn't get to see that shot.

10?! wow. how does that feel? that's a big one :)
happy birthday, martin!

enjoy the time with you mom :)

love the angels in the window behind martin! :)

that boy is so beautiful

there are no words--

happiest of birthdays to Mr. Martin Ek! And congratulations to his 29 yeear old mother!



Happy birthday to the very handsome Martin! You are the coolest, dude! (Which is probably very uncool of me to say.) Hope that being TEN is everything you've hoped for!


Happy Belated Birthday to Martin!! xoxo

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