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We baked up a frenzy today and yesterday...the plan was 7 different kinds of cookies, which is a Swedish Christmas tradition (although none of our cookies were traditional Swedish ones) but one cookie sort didn't get baked, though the dough is chilling in the fridge...we just ran out of time, after spending the morning cleaning, the afternoon baking and the evening decorating the trees. After dinner Karin and Anders made knäck (toffee) which is a Swedish Christmas candy, but without nuts because Karin doesn't like them.

Plate o' cookies: (clockwise from lower left corner) Rice Krispie Holly Bars, Almond Paste Sandwich Cookies, Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Bars, Reindeer Poop (aka Caramel-filled Chocolate Cookies), PB&Choc Cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies, Knäck, Creme-Filled Sandwich Cookies

Almond Paste Sandwich Cookies

Lizardmom making Reindeer Poop Cookies

Liz making Reindeer Poop Cookies

Creme-filled Sandwich Cookies

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Cookies in the oven

Karin and Anders making Knäck

Karin's Knäck

3 generations of cookie bakers


Busting Out All Over With a Bonanza of Birthday Wishes to Samantha Sunday School Rebel!
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what a great day. we don't have any traditions like that in my house.
maybe i will have to start my own ;)

You definitely should!! Can't have jellybeans without cookies, later :)

So cute :)

Look how cute you all are! Lizard Mom looks a bit mischievous, better watch that'n.

She's totally a handful, it's true. :D

And you wonder where Karin gets it from!

Lizardmom sounds like my kind of woman :)

We're planning our session this friday, methinks...

Especially love the pix of you and your Mom rolling the cookies!

Drool! Yummy stuff ...reindeer poop. Heh! Look how tall Karin is getting. Daisy grew nearly seven inches in the last twelve months. She's all legs now.

What a wonderful array of biscuits. Yum! And the greatest thing is that you baked them together. It brought back many memories for me of similar experiences with my kids. Things like this really make Christmas worthwhile.

I checked with DHL and there is no carton of cookies on it's way to Vadstena from Flyinge. I wonder why?

There WAS a package on the way, but I eated it.


how did I miss all these extra photos when I first saw the cookie extravaganza?!! perhaps just LOOKING at all that sugar knocked me unconsicous-- oh for one of those rice krispy bars-- my total favorite

love the photos of linda give her a BIG SMOOCH for me!!



The cookies look DELICIOUS! Oh, the joy of yummy Christmas cookies - I love just the plain sugar cookie dough. It's almost better than the cookies! But I have a feeling that those chocolate chip bars would not last long around me...

Thank you for the happy birthday wishes! I felt them beaming over the ocean!


Omigod! You make [what we call] Swedish Creme cookies, too! You're the first person I've ever run into, who not only knows what they are, but actually makes them for Christmas.

Since the earliest days of my childhood, the very bestest Christmas cookies of all (and there was no shortage of varieties to choose from, at our house) were Swedish Cremes. I love how they just magically melt away in your mouth, the red or green creme and the sugar-topped pastry "cookie" intermingling...

*falls into Swedish Creme coma*

I am *so* making a batch of these, this coming week...

P.S. All the rest of your cookies look fabulous, too. And man, I can't believe how your kids have grown!

Those cookies (the creme ones) are almost gone!! They are hands down everyone's favorite! :D

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