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I confess to being a tad envious of those of you who have snow. We have no snow and no snow in sight. We had no snow at all last winter, to speak of, and so, though one always wants to be done with it already come February, right now a little snow would be nice.

Mom keeps asking me really hard crossword puzzle questions. It's getting rarer that I know the answers offhand and it makes me feel alzheimery and dumb. It also makes me suspect my Trivial Pursuit crown would be in total jeopardy if I had anyone to play it with. My brother used to make me answer 3 brown questions everytime I landed on it even if it wasn't for a pie. We called the pie pieces "wedgies" and if you accidentally tipped your pie over and pieces fell out we yelled "SPILLED WEDGIES" and scooped them up so that you had to earn them all over again. I belong to a tribe of ruthless TP players. What do you call the pie pieces? Do you call them "pie pieces"? Does that fact that I've said "pie pieces" so many times make you hungry for pie? I could eat some pumpkin pie right now, with whipped cream. Or maybe piping hot blueberry pie with some french vanilla ice cream.

*pause to go get some more Christmas cookies in lieu of pie*

In spite of having tried, I cannot decide which of the 7 different kinds of cookies we have on hand is the one I like the best. This means I keep having to try them all over and over and over again. HEEEEEEELLLP MEEEE

*pause to go get some more Christmas cookies for scientific taste-testing statistical purposes*

I am counting down the days to vacation. I don't usually do this, but I am REALLY looking forward to my 12 days off in a row. Yay for vacations!

Buncha Buncha Beautiful (But Belated) Birthday Wishes to ms_jacket!
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music: Mom asking me crossword puzzle questions


What do you call the pie pieces?

We've started calling them "ost", because that's what my Danish sister-in-law always calls them. ;-)

HAHA! CHEESE pieces!! :D

I think it's rather insensitive of you to continue to gloat in our cookie-less faces. ;-) Actually thank you very much for the belated b'day wishes and I'm sorry your advent season isn't white. I miss the stuff too.

I'm glad you get 12 days off. I foresee lots of time (in pajamas) with those cute kids of yours and your dear husband.

*pause to get some more cookies while wondering if pausing to get cookies is actually gloating or just plain gluttony*


LizardMom, Liz won't stop taunting meeeeeee!

I have been doing scientific candy tasting research. Next I think will be choc-chip peanut butter cookies with orange glaze (satsuma juice and zest mixed with organic powdered sugar.) But my scales are near breaking and my loose pants are tight. Don't even ask if my usually normal fitting pants fit anymore.

YUM! Those sound good!!

Snow! I`d love to give you some. Toronto was hit by a storm on Saturday night and Sunday with 26 cm within 24 hours. Now the city is covered and the traffic problems are insane. Last winter we only received 3 cm more snow than we`ve already had this December. Apparently we`re supposed to have a much colder and snowier winter this year. It might actually feel like Canada this winter. Heh! What`s up with Sweden though ... we usually compete for snow with you.

There's lots up north, but nothing down here on the southern end...not unusual, actually, since we're surrounded by water on 3 sides.

I call them "tårtbit" (i.e. piece of cake) whenever I play TP. I suppose pie or cake is a cultural thing. But it was years ago I played Trivial Pursuit. More commonly I play Buzz with friends on their PlayStation 2.

Given the way you're continually blowing me away in Scrabble, a game I used to think I was good at, I think I'll not put my TP skills to the test against you as I'd be right there with your brother demanding that you answer three brown questions. Or better yet, the brown question plus the orange one. We also called them pie pieces and I used to be good at that game too but at this point, I'd probably only do well in the original version where I already know most of the answers.

aaaaah no! Orange was my nemesis! That's what color my brother always picked for me to answer when I finally DID get to the middle! *grumble*

I've never played Trivial Pursuit in my life. I know it's some kind of cult game, but I have no idea what it is.

We've been baking up a storm here as well. I made saffransskorpor today (they are cooling in the oven now), Chocolate-Hazelnut Pastries, Cranberry-Almond Scones with Lemon Curd and Nun's Farts. We should do a cookie swap!

Mom is drooling on my computer screen over the Cranberry-Almond Scones with Lemon Curd.

Recipe, please!

And what the heck are Nun's Farts?? Mom thinks they're chocolate chip cookies.

I could give you the recipe, but it'll cost you :) yummy......drool......

Nun's farts are sort of tiny cinnamon type of rolls.

DROOOOOOOL!!!!! Those all look SO GOOD!!

I emailed you the recipes.

Yummy yum yum! I hope Mom and I have time to make them before she leaves. :)


My father and I used to call themm "tårtbitar". :)

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