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Everything I start to type sounds stupid. Backspace, delete once more.

I have conversations with you in my head. With you and you and you. I read your posts and I answer back, sometimes in writing, but often in my head where you can't hear me but whole conversations take place there in the ether of my brain, where I fondly imagine that since we have a connection, you hear me anyway, or at least your ears are burning.

This whole internet friendship things is so strange and marvelous. It makes me marvel. Even with those of you whom I have met, I am still amazed that these friendships seem to be so much more THERE than old friendships I had with people who no longer keep in touch, people I once thought closer than sisters. You all fill me up and bring me tears and smiles and laughter every day.


Today was a tough day at work. I actually felt as if I'd been physically beaten when I walked out the door into the frigid evening to come home. Not because of anything in particular, just a typical busy as hell day and the fact that I only had today and now only have tomorrow to get everything done before the holidays. Tomorrow will be more of the same, I suspect, but it is the last day before vacation, so I will get through it and then come home and collapse, muddy and exhausted.

I asked my boss for a cloning machine for Christmas because I have a feeling that I will really need another me come first quarter, but she just laughed. She doesn't seem to realize that I'm quite serious. *sigh*


Remind me to post some pictures of the hat Martin made, it's really cool.


I just took my brain out and shook it, but no, that seems to be all that is in there for now.


Pouncy Flouncy Bouncy Mounds of Giant Birthday Wishes to darlingwee!
mood: ditzy
music: again with the crossword puzzle questions


Ugh, I've had days like that. You need a massage and some cookies. :)

Well, I've certainly had the cookies! And Anders did give me a neck rub yesterday. :)

oh honey

come over here and settle in on the sofa-- put your feet up, I'll put a pillow underneath them-- here's a cashmere throw to wrap around you-- and here's that book you wanted to read. I'm going to go make you some tea--

Everything is fine. Right now. Just as it is. Let it all go--

Here's Anders-- he's going to rub your feet-- I'll leave you two, now


Re: oh honey

You always know exactly what's needed! It's a gift :)


o. You make the very best Pouncy Flouncy Bouncy mounds, you know that? And thank you.

And I'm working on that cloning thing. The problem is I have to make one able to clone three of you at very least, maybe four. One for you to accompany you on the job, one for me to hang out with over here, one to hang about Soliden tagging after the Butterscotch Brigade and counting rabbits, and I'm guessing your family wouldn't mind there an auxillary Lizbot of their own to fill in while the real Liz sleeps in, nose in book, living the life of deepest luxury she was meant to have. That's the part I'm still working out.. the multiple thing.

In the meantime, Gah! Be careful! Don't burn yourself out and come down all sick. I did that already this month and it was so not fun!

adoringly as always, Wee xoxoxo

That sounds perfect! Though I'm not sure even FOUR would be enough!


Just get through today, gorgeous and then you're free, freeeeee ;)


P.S. That last comment was from me, bohemiangirl. Hugs.

I'm feeling pretty free, now! :D

I know what you mean... I've definitely grown close to a handful of people I've met through the blog world. And I'm so thrilled I've met YOU. I adore you and everything you write. I think of you on days I'm feeling most like superwoman, and think, "yup, that's what Liz must feel like," because seriously woman, you do so much. You inspire me much. xoxox! Merry Christmas!

You know, it's not actually all that often that I FEEL like Superwoman :) But when I get a comment like this from someone I admire so very much? I sure feel like superwoman now!! xoxoxo!!

I've been too busy to get much to LJ the last couple of days. By now (checks clock and counts ahead to your time) you must be just about free! Woohoo!

I received your holiday card and letter yesterday. Good family photo.

The LJ friendship thing sure surpasses anything I had imagined it to be. Weird, huh? In a good way.
Thanks for being here Liz. I consider you a very good friend.

It is weird, but totally in a good way. I consider you the same. :) XOXO

as usual you are doing everything, and i can only assume doing a great job. hope you are enjoying your vacation. though i seriously doubt that you are resting up. anyway, warm holidays regards from the tropics!

I am totally all over this vacation and loving every minute of it, though you know what? I keep thinking about work!! AAAGH.

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