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Carols playing on the stereo, cookies on a platter, stockings lying rumpled and flattened on the floor, surrounded by scraps and strewings of wrapping paper. Cards from friends and family around the world pinned to the felt snowman strip that hangs in the hallway. The aroma of roasting turkey wafts through the house overriding the knowledge that after the holidays it's going to be time to get back on that treadmill and get some pounds off again. Lights on the tree glow on the red and golden and multi-colored ornaments, each with its own story to tell. Mistletoe lurks above and there's a holiday kiss waiting just for you! The merriest of holidays to you and yours, to all my friends and family, and best wishes for a wonderful new year!

A Big Thank You to my LJ Secret Santa for the CD!
Tags: holidaze

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