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I just had a bite of an exotic chocolate bar with a very bizarre ingredient in it. Anders likes chocolate with chili and during her last visit my mom gave him a couple of bars from Vosges. I took one bite and thought my lips were going up in flames (cue gale_storm laughing her head off). She had also brought a bar with wasabi and one with curry. I thought the wasabi one was pretty okay but the curry bar was nothing to write home about.

This year, in addition to a couple more chocolate-chili bars, she gave him one of their new items. Mo's Bacon Bar.

Yes, you read that right. It's a chocolate bar with bacon in it. Bacon and salt and milk chocolate.

I really don't know what more to say about this.

I just saw on their site that they have another bar that is white chocolate with kalamata olives in it. The horror! These people need to be STOPPED.

What's next? Milk chocolate with lettuce and fried kohlrabi? Dark chocolate with falafel and parmesan? What's the worst combo you can come up with? (caveat: must be actual FOOD items...no excrement or hair allowed)

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