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I just had a bite of an exotic chocolate bar with a very bizarre ingredient in it. Anders likes chocolate with chili and during her last visit my mom gave him a couple of bars from Vosges. I took one bite and thought my lips were going up in flames (cue galestorm laughing her head off). She had also brought a bar with wasabi and one with curry. I thought the wasabi one was pretty okay but the curry bar was nothing to write home about.

This year, in addition to a couple more chocolate-chili bars, she gave him one of their new items. Mo's Bacon Bar.

Yes, you read that right. It's a chocolate bar with bacon in it. Bacon and salt and milk chocolate.

I really don't know what more to say about this.

I just saw on their site that they have another bar that is white chocolate with kalamata olives in it. The horror! These people need to be STOPPED.

What's next? Milk chocolate with lettuce and fried kohlrabi? Dark chocolate with falafel and parmesan? What's the worst combo you can come up with? (caveat: must be actual FOOD excrement or hair allowed)

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Ewwwww. My husband was telling me about one of his coworkers who loves bacon and was eating the bacon-chocolate one day. I like bacon and I LOVE chocolate, but not together!

Pickles with chocolate would be rather horrible, I think.

I can find no redeeming quality in the combinations of chocolate, shrimp, garlic and liver.

haha!! I was thinking last night after I wrote this that a white chocolate, tomato sauce and mushroom combo would be pretty nasty. :D

Crunchy Frog comes to mind... ;-)

bacon? olives?! oh my god. i have no words other than that is disgusting.

I really like the curry one :)

Hmm. I think that I'd have to pass on chocolate with ham, linguica, or kim chee.

Vosges chocolate is the shiznit! (If people still say that.) The truffles are delicious and wasabi is one of my favorites.

I do like some non-disgusting stuff in my the Dagoba dark chocolate bar I'm eating RIGHT NOW...that has lavender and blueberries in it. YUM.

In one episode of the French Belgian comic Gaston Lagaffe, they were discussing the most disgusting combinations of food they could think of. I remember it was suggested anchovies with mayonnaise and cocoa. It could possibly be baked as a chocolate bar.


chocolate and ketchup (for those people who put ketchup on everything) ha ha. Honestly though, bacon and chocolate? Can I just say ga-rosse.


I always thought that Coke and milk (as decribed on Laverne and Shirley) had to be the grossest idea ever.

with chocolate, though? Coke and milk IS pretty gross.

Chocolate with rakkfisk (rotting fish) and gammel ost. Eeeew.

mmmm.... Bacon....

Just goes to prove my old saying that:
Bacon makes everything taste better....

lizardmom says that she didnt believe it either until she tasted it!
even Himalayan Pink Salt and Goji berries tastes great with Chocolate...
Hard to imagine but itssss Greaat!!!! (like tony the tiger says)


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