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The best part of taking down the Christmas tree:

Photo by Anders Ek
mood: silly
music: Karin singing silly songs in the bath


Why..she's positively SHINY!!

oooh shiny! hahahaha!


Love it! :)


: )

adorable and beautiful.
you're one the best mom's, do you know that? from here, that's what i see and *feel*. your kids are so blessed and happy.

Although they'd tell you that they'd be MUCH more happy and blessed if I'd buy them Gameboys or Xbox or Playstation. :D


So fabulous! The wrapped-in-lights photo could become a post-Christmas tradition! I don't think the baby will stay still for me, though -

:) Sam

I recommend duct tape if wrapping in lights doesn't work. haha!

I'm a bit in love with Karin too. Often when I hear stories about her the term "whippersnapper" comes to mind. In Dutch they would say, "Zij is een pittige tante" which literally translates to "She is a spicey aunt" and means "She has sass and confidence in excess". She does. Which is why she is such a light.

Now we're "Even Steven".


Fabulous shot!

*singing* And if you ever saw her, you would even say she glows.

Next season, maybe you can bribe her to stand perfectly still for 2-3 weeks, and you don't have to put up a Christmas tree? :-P I imagine there might be an element of concentration and stillness in the karate lessons she takes?

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