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It's another gorgeous crispy cold day. I got to sleep in an extra hour because of daylight savings turning back the clock. But I still forgot and had a panic later in the day until I was told that the clock I was looking at was still wrong.

Karin seems to be completely recovered from whatever bug she had yesterday. The kids went to Scouts this morning with Anders and they fished for bugs in the lake, but it's been so cold they didn't find any. They were also filmed by Finnish TV while they sat reading a story under a tree at the end of their outing.

I've got the AWC website ready to go except for one activity that is missing dates/times for next month, and am working on the newsletter. Seems kind of stupid to put so much work into a printed edition that only 3 people get, but I figure that they pay their dues and a copy of the newsletter is included in the dues, and giving them a copy of the website isn't fair, because they can't make use of quite a bit of the information in it when it links to external websites.

Went and got the pumpkins out of the garage and discovered one of them had rotted completely through all around the top :( So, have sent an email to our pumpkin lady in hopes she can bring a replacement to the meeting tomorrow night. I have another pumpkin in the garage but it technically belongs to someone else, so don't feel I can just appropriate it.

Martin has been very interested in math lately, and we've been playing pluses and minuses. This means Anders or I set him simple addition and subtraction questions and he paces around with a serious expression for a few seconds before coming up with an answer and a delighted grin. He's quick, and was very excited to realize that you could arrive at the same answer from several different ways. Anders was impressed because he was able to work out questions like "what's 4 + 3 + 3?" really quickly, as he understood to put the first two together and then add the third. Last night before bedtime, I gave him a series of questions where the answer was 15, and as he got in bed, he asked for one more, so I left him with "what's 20 - 5?" About a minute later, while I was folding laundry on the other side of the house, I heard him calling, "Mama! Mama! FEMTON!" :) As far as we know, they haven't had math yet in school, except for simple counting. I've never been good with numbers since getting set back with a major block in 5th grade (story problems, ick) and have always regretted it. I find math fascinating (now), even if I can't do it myself without a calculator, and see a harmony in numbers that I hope my kids will pick up. Anders is a whiz at math, and finds my disability quite amusing.
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Good to hear that I'm not the only mathematically challenged person around. If it can't be worked out on fingers and toes, and I don't have a calculator around, out comes the old pencil and paper and the struggles begin. Must be something about fifth grade, that's where my block began as well.

I was out sick in 5th grade for something like 3 months with complications from the mumps, and had a very unsympathetic teacher (read: bitch) who gave me no help in trying to catch up. The simplest math escapes me now, much to my dismay, although I've worked hard to be able to do kitchen math or restaurant addition without a calculator. I feel very handicapped. Anders says he can see "the wall" come up in front of my face when I'm struggling to figure out something mathematically.

I ended up even worse, although not sick. I'm in my 50s, so I remember corporal punishment in school. When we started fractions and such, I had a teacher who must have weighed 300 pounds, built like a Mack truck, and she would go up and down the aisles with a blackboard pointer in her hand and if you were doing something wrong, she would whack that pointer down across your desk. One young boy I know was so scared of her, he would wet his pants rather than raise his hand to go to the toilet. I learned my times tables through fear, but started drawing blanks at anything more complicated and by the time I hit high school, I was in "dummy math".

geez louise :(

That's so sweet that Martin is so interested in Math! I can't remember what it was like ;) but it must be quite exciting to be able to finally work out algebra problems and so on. Good on him - looks like he's going to be a maths whiz! A parental combination of a passion for numbers plus a maths whiz could result in a very clever little maths genius :)


Math disability must run in the family.
I can only do long division with any amount of confidence.

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