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I hate saying goodbye to my mom. No matter how long the visit is, it's never long enough.


We don't have any more snow but it sure is cold here. It's extra cold in my office and I've had to ask building maintenance to please come and take a look at the ventilation system, since despite the fact that I've turned the heat up as high as it will go, there are still arctic blasts of chill in the room. It feels as though my hands are feet are permanently frozen—from the inside-out. It gets worse all day as I work until I can hardly type and my hands are only just thawing out after a night in bed under blankets before it's time to start the whole chilly process over again. sigh


It's the second week of January and work is already building to a crescendo that I suspect will last until June. There are a lot of fun projects underway which is nice but the sheer volume of work has me staggering a bit just thinking about it.


Anders is in the final planning stages with his two friends for the annual Father/Child Ski Trip at the end of this month. I'm looking forward to my annual "week off" even though I'll be working during it. :)


A good pun is like a good steak
A rare medium well done


I do not have words for how badly I desire a long massage, sushi, and a good night's sleep. In any order.


Fabulously Fun and Flavorful Birthday Wishes to calif_fever and Bundles of Belated Ones to helloheather and blueberrymoon!
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Unradiant heaters

We had the same problem when we came home from Christmas away. The flat was 11C and wouldn't warm up. We finally figured out we had to drain all the radiators in a line and then drain/adjust the pressure in the hot water heater, but I'm afraid it took us several days of bone chilling wandering-around-the-house-lighting-candles-for-warmth silliness before we remembered the air pressure.

Julia from kolokolo

Re: Unradiant heaters

I don't think it's something like that, though, in our office building. They turned up the heat for me at the beginning of the week, by 1 degree, and the next day they had people on the first floor complaining that it was too hot! :(

Massage, sushi, and a good night's sleep... Yes, yes!!

ouch..i hate those long days by the computer with frozen hands :( tiffany made me a pair of fingerless gloves that go up my arm just for that reason.

perhaps its time to make a date for yourself to get a massage and some sushi and follow that up with a hot bath and a very good nights sleep :)

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