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Does getting older mean that you slowly freeze from the inside out? I swear poor circulation will be the death of me one day. My hands are SO COLD.

I hate sitting here staring at the screen, unable to think of a single thing to write about. What a lame-o!

Forging ahead, regardless. Never let it be said that writer's block has got the best of me!

My kids have been traditionally a little late to the party when it concerns iconic movie figures. Last year they were obsessing over Star Wars, watching the movies over and over, play-acting Jedi Knights (Karin) and memorizing the names of every figure named in the films (Martin). Lately it's been Pirates of the Caribbean (and High School Musical, simultaneously), and while I'm all for lots of Johnny Depp, even I have to retreat quietly with a good book whenever possible these days

Aside: how do YOU pronounce it? CARE-IH-BE-AN or CA-RIB-EE-AN? Martin was asking why people said it different ways and I was stumped. Does it depend on where you're from? Googling this just made me laugh: Apparently EVERYONE is confused. Websters, for the record, lists both. /aside

Aside II: I pronounce it both ways, depending on context, what words surround it when it leaves my mouth, and whim. /aside

Today on the way home, Martin informed me that he really needed to watch The Lord of the Rings as soon as possible, because all his friends want to play it and he has no clue since he's never seen any of the movies. He judged them too scary long ago and has never shown any interest in them until today. (Same with the Harry Potter films) (Same with Wizard of Oz for years, as a matter of fact). I said, "You would choose to tell me this right before you go away for a week...you'll have to wait until after the ski trip."

So, we'll be sitting down in February to long myskväll evenings with Aragorn and the hobbits, I foresee, since I own all the extended versions, and they're like, what, 42 hours long each? What a quandary! Having to give up Johnny for Viggo! Life is rough.

Have managed a couple of good night's sleeps recently, got some news at work I was hoping to hear, had a massage yesterday and looking forward to sushi AND book group tomorrow as well as dinner on Friday with the Wonders (yes, I shortened the stupid name). The kids and I also ate watermelon Jello for dessert tonight and pronounced it good. I haven't had Jello in years, despite having 13 boxes of the stuff stashed in the back of the pantry for those killer homesick cravings that descend once in a blue moon. Life is rough, indeed.
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